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Angular - build user-centric products using the cutting-edge framework

Angular is a framework created in 2016, developed by Google, perfect for building highly interactive web applications. It was built on TypeScript, and its use makes pages render much faster and much more efficient. It's also worth noting that Angular software is a self-sufficient framework with built-in routing and form validation tools.

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Did you know that the history of Angular technology dates back to the 1990s? That’s when Misko Harvey, a programmer at Google, started working on Google Feedback. He and his team wrote more than 17,000 lines of code in six months, which were challenging to test. Misko Harvey was unsatisfied with the work results and decided to rewrite the code from scratch, using a script called GetAngular. As a result, the new web application had only 1,500 lines of code instead of 17,000, and the developer wrote it himself not in six months but three weeks. At that time, Google took an interest in the framework, which was renamed Angular.


Angular is one of the more forward-thinking technologies in programming, especially for those developers who have taken the front-end path.


The framework offers win-win solutions:


  • The developer saves time and implementation costs,
  • The users gain a high-performance application to support their business.


Angular software is perfect for developing advanced web applications, where an essential element is to provide large amounts of functionality and logic. With so many benefits, one can expect the framework to go from strength to strength, and knowledge of Angular web development will be a vital asset.


Where can Angular technology be used?

Web applications

Mobile web apps

Native mobile applications

Native desktop apps

Single-Page Applications (SPA)

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

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Why use Angular?


Ready to use:

The default configuration of Angular software is comprehensive. The pre-configured Angular environment helps with the programming and makes testing easier. It also includes routing tools so you can easily retrieve the data you want to present in your application.


High security:

Google uses Angular technology in many internal applications daily. For this reason, you can rest assured of security, as each new release is carefully tested, which translates into the stability of Angular development services.


Cross-platform applications:

Angular technology allows for building different applications, including cross-platform, mobile and desktop or progressive web applications (PWA). Doing so guarantees high performance, innovative mobile experiences, or the ability to use applications offline.


Saves time and costs:

Thanks to Angular default software configuration, it avoids the need to design all features from scratch. This, among other things, saves project time and reduces costs.


Error resilience:

Angular is built with TypeScript, making it easier to maintain clear code, more accessible to catch errors, and faster to debug.




Angular software development is gaining attention. The best proof of the technology’s efficiency is its use in projects of market leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, McDonald’s and WIX.


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