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Explore web development with Blazor, Microsoft’s free web framework. Blazor is unique. It allows development entirely in C#, avoiding JavaScript. This simplifies web app creation. Developers use one language for all tasks, streamlining the process.

Pawel Bazyluk

Senior .NET Developer with Blazor

10 Years

pawel swatek

Pawel Swatek

Senior .NET Developer

9 Years

Dawid Chelstowski

Senior .NET Developer

8 Years

Wojciech Krol

.NET Developer

3 Years

Bartlomiej Przyborowski

.NET Developer

2 Years

Krzysztof Kozlowski

Senior .NET Developer

7 Years

Blazej Bobko

Senior .NET Developer

9 Years

Blazor Developers Core Skills

Technologies, tools & frameworks



Blazor WebAssembly



Why Blazor?

Choosing a dedicated Blazor team can be a strategic move for your business in specific situations. 

Modular Design

Blazor’s component-based architecture facilitates the creation of interactive web UIs with reusable components, boosting developer productivity and enhancing the maintainability of applications

WebAssembly Support

The ability to run Blazor applications on WebAssembly provides near-native speed and performance, enhancing the user experience and enabling high-performance web applications.

Real-Time Web Experience

Blazor offers a real-time web experience by maintaining a long-lived connection between the client and the server, enabling seamless updates to the UI.

Faster Development Cycle

The ability to write both client and server-side logic in C# streamlines the development cycle, leading to faster iteration and deployment of web applications.

Pawel Bazyluk_team


Paweł Bazyluk

Architect | Team Lead

Paweł is a seasoned .NET and Blazor enthusiast. Armed with over a decade of experience in driving digital transformation he regularly writes about Blazor. From tips to tricks, updates and news, discover more on his LinkedIn.

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Our Screening Process

31% pass rate

Applications Review

We start by checking developers' English skills. They must have at least B2 level proficiency. We also look at their use of collaboration tools and clarity in explaining engineering concepts. This ensures they're ready for global projects.

25% pass rate

Cultural Fit & Soft Skills Interview

We assess teamwork and communication skills next. The focus is on finding people who fit well with your team and company culture. Strong interpersonal skills and adaptability are key. Both English proficiency and soft skills are vital for a smooth team integration.

31% pass rate

Technical Interview

A technical interview assesses a candidate's grasp of programming languages and frameworks, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), database management, development tools, software architecture, and cloud and containerization technologies. It aims understand their technical skills, problem-solving capabilities.

23% pass rate

Final Decision

On your request you can interview the candidate before the final decision. This step ensures they're not just technically sound but also a good match for your team. Your approval leads to the job offer, concluding the selection process.

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What industries does the Blazor team have experience in?

We tailor software solutions to enhance efficiency in manufacturing, integrating AI and IoT for smarter, more effective production processes.

Our fintech software is designed to streamline financial operations, ensuring security and efficiency with emerging  technologies.

Custom software that improves patient care and operational workflows, utilizing AI and data analytics for better healthcare outcomes.

Insurance software to simplify claims and risk management. Using modern technology to improve security and build bridges between your processes. 

Our energy sector solutions focus on optimizing management and promoting sustainability, by giving you real time data access. 

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We trust the quality of what we do and the skills of our team. This is why we offer you a guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied, you owe us nothing.



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How to hire Blazor developers?


Understanding Your Needs

First up, we need to get a clear picture of what you need. We'll talk about your project goals and the specific skills you're looking for. It's all about making sure we know exactly what you need to succeed


Finding the Right People

Next, we search for the best people for your project. We look through our team of experts to find those who have the right skills and would work well in your team.


Your Choice

Now, it's over to you. We'll give you a list of the best candidates we found. You can meet them and decide who you think will fit best in your team. It's important that you're satisfied with the choice.



Once you've picked the right people, we help get them started. We take care of setting them up and make sure they blend in well with your existing team. Our goal is to make this step as smooth as possible.


Support and Scalability

Finally, we stay with you every step of the way. As your project moves forward, we're here to help adjust the team if needed. We make sure you've always got the right people at the right time

Blazor FAQs

Learn more about hiring Blazor developers

Blazor transforms web development with its unique benefits, tailored for businesses leveraging the .NET framework:

  • .NET Integration: Directly use C# and .NET libraries, simplifying code reuse and accelerating project timelines.
  • WebAssembly: Achieve near-native application speed, enhancing user experience with fast, responsive web apps.
  • Reusable Components: Streamline UI creation with modular components, making updates and maintenance more efficient.
  • Built-in Security: Leverage .NET’s security to protect your applications from common vulnerabilities, ensuring customer data safety.
  • Server-Side Rendering: Improve your site’s speed and SEO, providing a better experience for users on all connections.

Hiring Java developers is a simple process:

  • Send us your requirements: Describe your project and the specific requirements you have.
  • Receive a shortlist: Within 24 hours, we’ll provide you with a shortlist of available Blazor developers based on your requirements.
  • Select and hire: Choose the developers that best fit your project needs. We ensure full support and documentation throughout the onboarding process.


Absolutely. We understand that matching our team to your cultural requirements is vital to long-term success. Our experience in working with diverse clients globally ensures that we match developers who align with your company’s values and goals.

Yes, our developers are trained to understand the business context of the projects they work on. We make sure that getting to grips with your business idea is the top priority in onboarding. We use multiple workshops to get to the heart of your project. 

Blazor stands out in various project domains, it is particularly suited for:

  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Server-Side Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)
  • Enterprise Web Applications

Its seamless integration with .NET, alongside capabilities for rich, dynamic user experiences, positions Blazor as a top choice for modern web development projects.

Certainly, startups can leverage Blazor to create scalable, efficient solutions that align with their unique business needs. Blazor’s capability to serve as a single code framework for both client and server-side logic significantly streamlines development processes. This consolidation is particularly beneficial for startups looking to build robust web applications while managing limited resources. By enabling the use of C# across the entire application stack, Blazor reduces the need for diverse programming languages and specialized roles, simplifying recruitment and training. This unified approach fosters a more cohesive development team, capable of rapidly adapting and iterating on products to meet market demands and customer feedback efficiently.

When hiring Blazor developers, assess their proficiency with the Blazor framework, expertise in C# programming, understanding of software architecture, familiarity with both client and server-side technologies, and their ability to work effectively within a team environment.

Absolutely, we recognize the distinct nature of each project and provide a model to suit your Blazor development needs. Be it full-time, part-time, or hourly involvement, our services can be customized to match your project’s unique requirements.

We provide comprehensive technical support throughout the duration of your project and beyond. Our team of experts is available to address any technical issues, provide guidance, and implement updates or enhancements as needed to ensure the continued success of your project.

We enable communication and collaboration between our Blazor developers and your in-house team through video conferencing, project management tools, instant messaging platforms, and regular status meetings. We ensure alignment and shared goals.

We have a structured onboarding process designed to ensure a smooth transition for our developers into your project team. This includes providing access to project documentation, introducing them to key stakeholders, and clarifying roles and responsibilities to ensure a productive working relationship from the start.

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