A Bit About Us

We believe the future is digital, therefore we provide carefully crafted software and digital solutions to empower your company to innovate, grow faster and be competitive. We specialize in full stack development – our experienced engineers and product strategists can step in at every phase of your project lifecycle – from defining project requirements to designing, building and deploying standalone applications and complex microservice systems.

We are makers, thinkers and leaders excited about working with forward-thinking companies, mostly for telecom, eCommerce, finances and banking. We use future-proof technologies to deliver feature-rich, engaging and user-friendly solutions for web and mobile, IoT, BI & Big Data, Blockchain or Cloud.

Our location

Our company is based in Poland, in the beautiful city Białystok, 200 km north-east from Warsaw. Białystok is located in the area known as the Green Lungs of Poland with approximately 32% of the city covered by the green. Parks, green squares and 1779 ha of forests within the city boundaries constitute a very specific and healthy microclimate.

Białystok, being hometown for two colleges with IT faculty: University of Białystok and Białystok University of Technology is place that gathers young talents from the region and produces 500+ IT experts every year.

Everyone in Inspeer!ty shares the same vision and values. We are hungry for exceptional results and for “work done well”. Innovation is in our DNA. We are passionate about our work, we trace latest trends and we always give our best. We always aim to improve and to find creative, ingenious ways to apply new frameworks and tools to give you technological advantage. We work as a Team, a well-oiled machine, supporting each other to make the best use of our talents.

We have a broad experience in working with large international customers. We always aim to improve and to find the best ways to use technology to increase productivity and generate sustainable value.

We use future-proof technologies to deliver feature-rich, engaging and user-friendly  solutions for:




mobile devices


bi/big data







Our values

What we consider important

Among many values that we consider important, four selected below are our main principles which we believe make a difference.

We look for and carefully select people who share our vision, passion and mindset. People for whom good is not enough and who are not afraid to ask “WHY?”. Perfectionists hungry for improvement, professionals who constantly challenge themselves and push us forward.

At Inspeer!ty, we believe that quality is the best investment. It’s a core part of our daily routine, in everything we do and in each piece of software we develop. There are no compromises in this field. We build better. We build to last.

We focus on latest technologies and always choose the best solution for each project. Our Tech Leaders trace market trends and technology advancements and invest in training our Teams to give you technological advantage. We are not afraid of proposing unconventional approaches to achieve your immediate and long term goals.

We understand that today technology advancements happen overnight and this requires fast decisions and actions. Flexibility plays a key role in any successful business and project. We support our Customers by being flexible in our approach, applying agile techniques and proposing solution and architectures open for the future.

Flexible Attitude

Engagement Models

We are open to tailor and adjust our engagement model, always aiming to work in the most convenient way for you. Below, you can find the most used engagement models. You are welcome to choose one or recommend your own:


Although it is well suited for any kind of project, it is particularly useful in medium/large projects or for companies who want to invest in the gradual development and improvement of a product, subject to design and specification adjustments. We discuss about project requirements and agree on an estimated volume of work (number of hours). Advantages:

  • Unlimited communication
  • Simplified project specification phase
  • Flexibility to changing requirements, adjusting team size and project workloads
  • Real time visibility of project progress and code quality
  • Complete transparency


We recommend this model to companies with a vast managerial experience and technology background looking for a strategic partner that understands business and technology challenges to become their technology extension and increase software development productivity. While you will keep the task and project management in house, paying a fixed monthly fee for the resources that you use, we create the perfect team for you, focusing on optimizing employee productivity – we can replicate your IT environment, train the team and comply with all security and communication requirements while following your preferred development process or recommend an approach based on our experience. Advantages:

  • Full control over the team
  • No administrative, infrastructure, hiring and replacing burdens
  • Flexibility in terms of task allocation and priorities
  • Fast access to expert resources when you need to quickly extend your development capacity


We recommend this low risk model for small/medium size projects with clear and stable scope and all project requirements and deadlines agreed or for urgent projects with a lifespan of a few months. To ensure successful delivery, we start with a thorough initial phase for analysis, planning and estimations. For medium size projects we usually recommend a combination between time and material and fixed price - a milestones and deliverables approach. Advantages:

  • Lower/shared risks
  • Predefined model
  • Guarantees on time and on budget delivery
  • Access to project workflow from the initial phase