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Who we are?

We help businesses work better and grow faster with our software and advice.  We create an environment where everyone feels part of the team. Inspeerity is more than just technical skills. We guide our clients to help them make the best decisions for their business.

Our goal is to become the top choice for businesses seeking technology solutions & advice. We believe that supportive workplace increases engagement, improves teamwork & attracts gifted and passionate developers. 

Meet our founders


Darek Górczyński


Karol Wiszowaty

COO & Delivery Director

Ian Tidder

Executive Chair

What inspired the founding of Inspeerity?

I was on a trip, listening to a podcast about leadership. They were talking about how a true leader isn’t just someone who leads, but someone who creates leaders around themselves. It really got me thinking. So, back in 2017, I was talking with Ian and Karol – who share my passion for doing things our own way. We asked ourselves a question. “Why not build a company where people can grow and thrive on their own terms?” It just clicked for all of us. From there, we’ve been shaping Inspeerity into this place where empowerment and common sense are at the core of everything we do. Looking back, it’s pretty incredible to see how much we’ve achieved. But honestly, what motivates me is thinking about what’s still to come. 

Why should clients choose companies like Inspeerity that prioritize employee well-being?

I believe that when companies prioritize their employees’ well-being, everyone benefits. Engaged and happy employees lead to better outcomes for clients. They’re more motivated, productive, and provide better service. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. In fact, according to a Gallup study, highly engaged teams show a 21% greater profitability. Additionally, organizations with strong workplace cultures see a 50% increase in qualified applicants, as found by Glassdoor. Let’s say we spend half of our time (apart from sleep) at work. Wouldn’t you want to build a place so that everyone can spend this time in a place where they like to go, where they will meet people they like?

What sets Inspeerity apart in the industry?

It’s really about how we genuinely get to know our clients and their needs. We’re not just another software company.  We work closely with each client, figuring out what they truly need and then crafting something just for them. Our team is made up of people who love what they do and are really good at it. They use their skills to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. But what really makes us different is how much we care about making our clients succeed. We don’t just want to do a good job.  We want to go above and beyond. It’s this approach—listening, customizing, and truly partnering with our clients—that makes us stand out.


Inspeerity Now

With a dedicated team of 350+ across 5 software hubs in Poland & Portugal, plus 2 consulting hubs in Germany.

Serving 100+ customers, we focus on supporting customers from all over the world, including industries like automotive, manufacturing, fintech, healthcare, insurance, energy, and more.


Financial Times & DevelopX

In February 2023, Inspeerity announced a strategic partnership with the DevelopX Group. Joining forces with our group meant access to wider tech talent pool, and quicker project start.

The same year we opened a brand-new office in Warsaw. We started our first podcast for programmers.

Inspeerity has been named in the FT1000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times. 


From Clutch Award to Global Presence

Inspeerity was honored by Clutch as one of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.

The opening of a new office space in Warsaw and Wroclaw marked Inspeerity’s strategic expansion efforts.

Inspeerity kicked off its global engagement by participating in key international events such as GITEX in Dubai, CloudFest, IT Expo, and Frankfurt Digital Finance, and much more!

First Mic Check edition – an internal event designed to enhance our employees’ public speaking abilities


All About Growth

Inspeerity aimed to grow not just in size but in scope and impact. The team grew quickly and so did the projects, meaning more specialists needed to be brought on board. We came up with ten important values that show what Inspeerity is all about. These values helped us understand how to work, partner together, create new ideas, and talk to our clients.


Where Everything Started

Our journey with Inspeerity started in Bialystok. It was funded by Dariusz Gorczynski, Karol Wiszowaty & Ian Tidder. Choosing Bialystok was a strategic choice. It is a place known for its tech university with a great pool of tech talent. The company quickly grew to over 100 employees, with the majority stationed directly in our Bialystok office.

Meet part of our team

piotr team
Adrian T_team
miarcin n
pawel swatek
lukasz profile
Ela Zakrzewska

DevelopX Group Recognition

Why Inspeerity?



Our ultimate goal is to deliver results that matter. Whether it’s enhancing operational efficiency, driving revenue growth, or improving customer engagement. We are committed to helping you achieve tangible outcomes that propel your business forward.


Great Workplace

Our focus on keeping our team happy not only boosts their performance but also enhances the service our clients receive.

So, in the end, everyone benefits. It’s a win-win situation for both sides!


We're Your Partner

With Inspeerity, you’re not just getting a service provider. You’re gaining a partner who is invested in your success.

We are a part of

Inspeerity is part of the DevelopX Group, a leading digital service provider based in Hamburg. DevelopX has over 10 years of digital consultancy expertise, creating more than 23 successful startups, and delivering over 250 software projects worldwide.

Being part of the DevelopX group, we balance our expertise with theirs to offer more diverse and customized solutions, with a wider range of technologies. Access to a wider pool of resources means faster team building and project delivery. Together with Nearshore Portugal & DevelopX, we support customers in building digital solutions.

Why you should trust us?

Partnering with us means joining a team that’s deeply invested in driving your success.

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What Truly Matters To Us

Our values are at the center of everything we do. They show in our actions and are the core of our culture. We believe in working together closely, being open and clear, and helping everyone grow and stay balanced.



We’re not just service providers; we’re your strategic partners. We’re ready to offer guidance on the technological and technical aspects of your project.


We’re open and honest, creating a workplace where everyone enjoys being part of the team.


Every developer is backed by a supervisor to mitigate risks, ensuring stronger outcomes. You get cohesive teams, not individuals.


Trust, honesty, and direct feedback are key. We assess your ideas honestly and recommend the best solutions without sugarcoating.


We focus on what matters to save your time and drive your success with clear, concise communication.


We face challenges with you, offering our knowledge and support for even the most demanding projects.



We scale with your needs, ensuring our team grows to support your expansion. Our people also grow, ensuring you always have access to top talent.

Positive Vibes

A positive attitude is key to productivity. We celebrate success and value gratitude.

Common Sense

We value straightforward, practical decision-making, avoiding overcomplication. By relying on intuition and simple reasoning, we aim for efficient problem-solving with clear, direct solutions.

Work-Life Balance

We deliver results while valuing our time with family and life outside work, maintaining a healthy balance.

Our offices

Świętojańska 12A,

Inflacka 4C
Building D,

Karowa Office,
Rejtana Avenue 20,

Curie-Skłodowskiej 12,

Kastanienallee 84

Reichenstraße 27, 20457

Av. D. João II,
Lote 42 Edifício Mythos 101 & 102

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