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Why us?

We are Modern Agile Software Factory built by technology enthusiasts and software development experts. We aim to create an environment where passionate and talented software engineers want to work and grow. We carefully prepared our processes and methodology to make sure we always deliver high quality projects with the highest satisfaction of Customers and our Teams.

Inspeer!ty employs talented and passionate specialists who aim to create world-class products.


Work on fascinating projects


We work with customers from Europe and the United States. We commit ourselves to projects that usually constitute a challenge for the Team. We are passionate about new technologies, tools and frameworks and always try to take the best of them and use in our projects.


Increase your skills


We see learning as a lifetime process. The tech-world changes so rapidly that it is essential to be up to date with the latest trends. We share our experience and encourage you to expand your skills and knowledge.


Enjoy a great work environment


At Inspeerity, we take care of friendly atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and belongs to the organization. We value transparent and open forms of communication. We know how important it is to listen to every person’s ideas.

Open positions

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  • .NET / C#
  • Angular
  • Front-End
  • Java
  • Mobile
  • Python
  • QA
  • Vue.js

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Work conditions & perks

great salary

Competitive salary adequate to your skills

flexible hours

Decide when is the most effective time to do your work

personal development

Pick your conference, training or certification of choice

best equipment

Get the highest-quality laptops and any peripheral devices such you need as screens, mice, or keyboards. We also deliver top-notch tools for your daily work

great atmosphere

Feel our friendly atmosphere where we all belong to the same Inspeerity Team built on openess and trust

cool office space

Work in brand new office in the center of Białystok – the only AA building in the city!

internal library

Want to read a book? Check out our library or let’s buy it if we don’t have it!

after hours retreats

Have fun with your co-workers eating, playing sports and other cool activities.

leader’s support

Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills

knowledge sharing

Internal webinars, regular workshops and rich knowledge base

private health insurance

We care about you. We want to meet your healthcare needs

chillout space

Foosball, ping-pong table and comfy couches for you to relax

Our recruitment process

We carefully select professionals who share our vision, passion and mindset. We look for perfectionists hungry for improvement, people who constantly challenge themselves. That is why we implemented 3-steps recruitment process to learn more about you and how would you fit our Team.

Coding task

Small implementation assignment to see your code, the way you think and your approach of solving problems.

Technical interview

or pair programming

Review meeting for your implementation assignment connected with technical talk about your experience and skills. It can include pair programming to solve some real-life cases.

Leader interview

Meeting with one of our Team Leaders to get know each other before we start working together.

You did it!

Let’s start our adventure!

Questions & Answers

Answers for questions

Do you have fixed working hours?

We usually work between 10 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday. That is the time range when our team members and clients are available online. It is the time when we schedule our calls and meetings. Nevertheless, we believe that you know when your productivity is at highest level, so if it is applicable for your current project, you can work whenever you feel best for you!

What type of contracts do you propose?

Once starting work in Inspeerity you can choose freely between B2B contract (Umowa o Współpracę) or Employment contract (Umowa o Pracę).

Can I work remotely from home?

We believe in people interactions and direct communication and we want you to be real part of our Team, have a small chat in the kitchen or go for lunch together. That is why we prefer to see you in the office. However for part of your time you can work from any other spot of your choice. But try our atmosphere in the office first – we bet that you’ll like it!