Who we are?

What we do?

We are a software house. Every day we write good-quality software. Simply. We have over 35 clients, from all over the world whom we help develop their business. We can respond to almost any technological need thanks to competent, committed people.


What we empathise

In one sentence? We write high-quality code that responds to business challenges. But there’s more to it than that.  A good atmosphere – often just a buzzword – means a lot to us.


Easy to read, understand, and change. That’s in our language quality code. We are pragmatic in this area. We select technologies, tools, and good practices to meet the needs of a given project. Not the other way around.

Trust and responsibility

When you join the team, you receive a lot of trust from us. In return, we need you to take responsibility for what you do. This is the foundation of our cooperation.

Common sense

We use common sense at work. We don’t do things because others do them. Does it make sense and will it help us achieve our goals? These are the main questions we keep asking ourselves.

Keeping promises

We do what we say. We avoid lofty words and empty promises. What we promise – we deliver, both for our clients and for our people.

Positive approach

Support and positive approach. You can always count on this. For us the glass is always half full. We prefer to focus on constructive solutions.


Stability and knowledge about the company’s condition. We know how important it is. Once a month we organize Business Updates, where we talk about key things that affect our company.

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Looking to develop your career?

We’re on the lookout for developers eager to grow with us. Don’t hesitate to reach out—we would love to know more about you and what you are looking for.

Apart from projects

We put a lot of energy and our green heart into maintaining the characteristic "us" vibe. So appreciated by our people.

What is that? In a nutshell, it is a mix of opportunities to develop competences and team integrations. This allows us to see how many interesting people we have at Inspeerity.


Conferences, Internal & External Events

External Events

Our architects won the Winter O'Reilly's Architectural Kata 2024. More info at Architectural Katas - O’Reilly Live Events (oreilly.com)

Company events

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29 Events

We organize around 29 different events throughout the year our people can take part in. The key is to choose what and how we will organize them - adapting to our people's needs and likes. Nothing happens just to happen.



In Q1 there will be a dedicated Event Sourcing training prepared by Oskar Dudycz.


GSAS 2024

Every year we participate in various conferences

For several years our architects have been attending the Global Software Architecture Summit. And that's the plan again this year. More: https://gsas.io/

Company Integrations

for employees

Integration Trips

Every year we organize a company-wide integration trip. This is the perfect time to see who swims best in the middle of the night in icy water. Who doesn't panic during a car rollover simulation. Who paints the best pictures. What did we come up with this year? This is our sweet secret. Find out!





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