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We focus on cybersecurity, digital transformation, and MVP development, ensuring robust protection, innovative growth, and efficient solutions to keep you ahead in the digital world.

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Transform your business with software consulting

Discover the advantages of our Software Consulting Services, designed to optimize your software projects for efficiency, innovation, and success.

Quick fixes

Find potential pain points and the solution to them faster than with your traditional IT team. Fix the most critical issues ASAP.

Business growth

Prepare your software for scaling with the advice from our experts and become ready for your business to flourish. Adapt your software to flexibly adjust to your current market situation, whether it requires contraction or expansion.

Latest solutions

Discover new innovations in software development and see how you can implement them in your business. Let our experts help you with technology selection to achieve the best results.

Knowledge transfer

Learn how to use your apps to the fullest from our software development consulting team and improve the work of your own IT department.

Higher customer satisfaction

Boost customer experience by providing your clients with a software solution tailored to their needs, which is quick and efficient.

Implement solutions requiring specialized skills

Cooperate with our software development consulting experts and make use of rare, highly-specialized skills without the need to hire a full-time high-paid specialist.

Our software development consulting includes:

Explore our Software Development Consulting Services, where we offer expert guidance and tailored solutions to enhance your software projects from concept to completion.

MVP preparation architecture

We will take care of MVP preparation architecture scaling, finding pain points and implementing fixes for you.

MVP showcase

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) preparation to showcase your application to the stakeholders and find investors for further funding.

Digital Transformation

Guide your business into the future with our technology adoption services. We specialize in integrating new, sustainable tech solutions and modernizing your existing tech stack.

Technology selection consulting

Technology selection consulting
helps find the newest, best solutions tailored to your needs, which will give you an edge over your competitors.

Resolving code issues

Resolving code issues and untangling spaghetti code ensure that your software’s growth will not be hindered and that you can implement changes without the risk of your whole application crashing.

Managing technical debt

Managing technical debt makes sure you avoid the high costs of future code reworks that have their roots in quick-fix patches.


Secure your IT assets and business data with our tailored cybersecurity solutions. We offer specialized consulting, rigorous security testing, managed security services, and compliance assessments to keep your organization protected.

Media & Advertising

Curious about how we transformed complex AI technology into a user-friendly advertising platform?

Dive into our case study on UZE Mobility and see the innovation behind the interface.


Digital transformation for one of the largest ticket distributors in Europe

Discover how we helped Beckerbillett develop their online ticketing platform.


We tailor software solutions to enhance efficiency in manufacturing, integrating AI and IoT for smarter, more effective production processes.

Our fintech software is designed to streamline financial operations, ensuring security and efficiency with emerging  technologies.

Custom software that improves patient care and operational workflows, utilizing AI and data analytics for better healthcare outcomes.

Insurance software to simplify claims and risk management. Using modern technology to improve security and build bridges between your processes. 

Our energy sector solutions focus on optimizing management and promoting sustainability, by giving you real time data access. 

piotr team


Piotr Filipowicz

Java/Cloud Lead Architect

I understand that tackling tech challenges can be daunting. With 18 years of experience in IT, my goal as your consultant is to turn these challenges into successes. I’m dedicated to providing more than just technical solutions. My commitment lies in deeply understanding your specific business goals and shaping a path to achieve them.

Software consulting process

In our consultation services, the emphasis is on delivering data-driven solutions.  Our approach is to use data to guide, develop, and refine our solutions, making sure you are fully informed. But what does this look like? 


Looking into the details

Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your needs.  Extensive research, categorizing and utilizing the information is there to develop a clear picture.  The focus is on conducting a detailed analysis. The aim? To uncover all potential challenges and opportunities, backed by a wealth of data and evidence.


Using data to your advantage

Your project benefits from a comprehensive assessment, tailored to include an examination of current practices, market trends, and potential risks. Special attention is given to often overlooked areas, such as undocumented processes or potential pitfalls, ensuring a thorough and mindful approach.


Structure the data

Data is the cornerstone. We gather, structure, and frame it meticulously, ensuring the most effective solutions are prioritized. Documentation plays a crucial role here, ensuring nothing is missed and will directly address the validity of your project. 


The result of analysis

You will get a detailed breakdown of our findings, what's working and what's not. It'll identify areas for improvement, ensuring a clear understanding of how to propel your project forward. This approach guarantees that you're fully informed about our findings and the steps needed to optimize project success. 

Our Technologies

You have access to a range of diverse specialists, meaning the perfect skill match for your project

Why Pick Us for IT Consulting?


We Speak Your Language

Our diverse industry experience means we've encountered the challenges you're facing and we understand the nuances of your sector. Whether you're in healthcare, finance, tech, or any other field, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.


Hands-On Collaboration

We prioritize working alongside your team, combining our technical expertise with your business insights to develop strategies that are both practical and impactful. This partnership approach ensures that the solutions we create together are perfectly aligned with your business objectives.


Clear and Practical Solutions

Our philosophy centers on simplifying technology, stripping away unnecessary complexity to provide clear and actionable advice. We aim to make technology an enabler for your business, easy to understand and implement, ensuring you can leverage it to achieve your goals effectively.



We help you find quick fixes, grow your business, discover new solutions, boost customer satisfaction, and implement specialized skills without hiring full-time specialists.

We offer services like MVP architecture scaling, technology selection, code issue resolution, technical debt management, emergency fixes, and more.

We start by understanding your needs, identifying potential problems, analyzing your project, prioritizing issues, implementing solutions, and adapting to evolving requirements

It helps you protect against technical debt, improve software quality, benefit from industry experience, get comprehensive and targeted advice, and achieve your software goals.

Everyone who wants to optimize software performance, increase revenue, achieve higher customer satisfaction, and adapt to evolving market needs.

Our consulting services are designed for a wide range of clients looking to elevate their software and business performance. Here’s who can benefit:

  • Businesses seeking improved performance: If you want your software to run smoothly, boosting efficiency and usability, our services are for you.

  • Organizations prioritizing security: We help make your data safe, identifying and resolving potential security breaches to protect confidential information.

  • Companies aiming for increased revenue: Reduce maintenance costs and minimize financial losses from software crashes with our optimization strategies, cutting down future expenses.

  • Those needing quick fixes: If you’re looking for fast solutions to critical software issues, our services offer a quicker alternative to traditional IT teams.

  • Businesses focused on growth: Prepare your software for scaling and adapt to market changes with advice from our experts, supporting your business’s flourishing.

  • Clients interested in the latest solutions: Discover and implement new innovations in software development with the help of our technology experts.

  • Teams seeking knowledge transfer: Improve the efficiency of your IT department with insights and training from our software development consulting team.

  • Organizations desiring higher customer satisfaction: Boost customer experience with software solutions tailored to their needs – quick, efficient, and problem-free.

  • Entities requiring specialized skills: Collaborate with our experts to use rare, highly-specialized skills without the need to hire a full-time specialist.

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