Satisfaction Guarantee Program

Thanks to the program, you can try our services, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you won’t be charged. It’s a no-pressure approach to experiencing firsthand what collaborating with us is like.

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How Does it Work?

Simply sign up to test our services, and if you’re not completely satisfied, rest assured knowing that our satisfaction guarantee has you covered. It’s a no-pressure way to see firsthand how we can make a difference in your project.

1. Get in Touch

Share details about your project and the services you are after and we will send you the best-fit developers. We handpick tech talent based on your specific needs. So whether you are after frontend & backend developers, UX/UI designers, QAs, DevOps, and project managers, we will send you the right candidates. 

2. Confirm Your Ideal Match

You get to assess each candidate and compare their skills and experience to find the perfect fit for your project needs. Once you’ve reviewed the profiles, choose the best-fit developer or developers for your project and company culture.

3. Project Start & Documentation

To ensure a smooth collaboration, we’ll provide a Statement of Work and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you to sign. This secures your project’s confidentiality and outlines our trial terms. We will get everything ready for project kick-off and handle all administrative tasks. 

4. After the Trial

Evaluate our compatibility with your project and working style. If you’re satisfied with our services during the Trial Period, we request payment at the fair market rate (as per our Statement of Work). If not, you’re free to set a price that reflects your valuation of our work. Please, inform us of your decision before the trial ends.

Let's Explore Your Long-Term Plans

If you’re happy with the trial experience, let’s continue our collaboration! Our goal is to build partnerships, not just complete projects.

Let’s integrate our expertise with your long-term vision. 

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Got questions? Dive into our FAQ section where we cover everything you need to know about our Trial Offer

We will send you a best-fit list of our developers complete with  skills, expertise, and direct links to their CVs. We offer a range of specialists in Backend, Frontend, QA, and .NET development. 

Our trial primarily extends to projects requiring staff  services such as; 

  • Agile Project Management 
  • AI software Development 
  • Cloud Migration Services 
  • Custom Software Development 
  • Dedicated Teams 
  • Mobile Application Development 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • UX/UI development
  • Staff Augmentation

Please note, this trial does not cover our consultation services, such as Discovery Phase Services, IT Consulting and Emergency IT Support. 

Absolutely not. The trial is obligation-free. You can decide to continue with us only if you’re satisfied with the work and see a potential for a long-term collaboration. 

If you’re satisfied with our services during the Trial Period, we request payment at the fair market rate (as per our Statement of Work). If not, you’re free to set a price that reflects your valuation of our work. Please inform us of your decision within 5 days after the Trial Period.

The standard trial period lasts for two weeks, after which we will be more than happy to continue collaborating with you on a regular basis. 

We strive for your complete satisfaction, but if for any reason you’re not happy with the results, you’re under no obligation to make a payment or continue using our services. 

Before the trial begins, if you wish, we’ll arrange a detailed discussion between you and the developer to ensure they fully understand your project’s scope and requirements. 

Absolutely. We take client confidentiality seriously. All information regarding your project is kept secure and only shared with the assigned developer. Our standard procedure is to sign the NDA

Yes, depending on your project’s needs, you can choose to work with multiple developers from different specializations during the trial period. 

Once you sign up and provide your project details, we will send you a list of best-fit developers typically within a few working days. However, depending on the availability of suitable developers the start time may vary. 

Simply fill out a form, and we’ll get back to you to set up the trial.

Currently, we offer one trial per client. 

Absolutely! If you’re satisfied with the trial and see a potential for long-term collaboration, we would be happy to discuss and arrange an ongoing engagement. 

If at the end of the trial you opt not to make a payment, which we understand as a sign of your dissatisfaction, the rights to the work completed during this period will remain with Inspeerity. On the other hand, if you recognize the value in the work and wish to acquire full rights, this can be arranged by making a payment at a fair market rate. Details of which will be outlined in the statement of work provided before the trial commences. This approach ensures a fair and respectful exchange, in line with our commitment to quality and integrity.

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