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        Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our team can quickly understand your vision, capture your ideas, and deliver your dream software.

Why hire a dedicated team?

Cost efficiency

it’s cheaper to hire the whole dedicated team than to build such a team within your company from scratch.


hire teams when you really need them.


you pay a regular monthly fee or even better you can be billed on regular Time and Material basis, and you don’t need to care about additional costs anymore.

Comprehensive team from the very beginning

you get all the skills you need in a team. No need for adjustments, but plenty of room for them at the same time.

No more struggle with recruitment 

we take care of the whole recruitment and the administrative work.

Vast experience 

the team you hire has worked for various companies and on diverse projects. It’s difficult to achieve with your in-house team.

case study trainplanet

Case Study

Inspeerity has designed and implemented a prototype of a mobile app called Together, to help combat the coronavirus epidemic.

It is people’s capabilities and skills that allow organisations to innovate and transform

Dedicated development team for hire

Your dedicated development team can consist of virtually any combination of specialists that suits your needs. Design software products, and keep your in-house team focused.

Hire dedicated development team and reap the benefits

At Inspeerity, we know that finding the perfect IT team is a quite challenging mission. That’s why we provide you with dedicated software teams. You can work with the best specialists on the market and reach your goals on time. Choosing a dedicated development team for hire is a win-win scenario for almost any company. For one, it’s much cheaper to outsource your projects than to build an IT team from scratch. You can simply pay a regular monthly fee for your software-dedicated team or pick a billing method that suits you the most. You won’t have to deal with either recruitment or administrative work. We select members of the software development dedicated team because of their skills and what they can bring to the project. 

Hire dedicated team - how it works?




Hiring dedicated team - development never been so easy

We’re well aware of the different needs of our clients, and that’s why we offer dedicated teams filled only with specialists you need to reach your goal. In what areas? Front-end and Back-end developers, UX/UI designers, Scrum Masters, QA experts, and Business Analysts are just some of the experts we work with.

Plenty of other professionals can join your dedicated software team and bring your vision to life. Quickly and efficiently. Inspeerity is full of people who have worked on diverse projects, so you can be sure the team you hire will get the job done. Change is a constant in our line of work, and we’re well-prepared to match your speed. Agile dedicated teams allow us to stay flexible.

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When hiring dedicated team is the right choice?

You need to build an MVP or are expanding to new markets fast

no time for recruitment and all the human resources activities you’d normally perform with an in-house team. You need a working team now.

Lack of specific know-how

don’t have inside your company.

The project is complex or long-term

you pay a regular monthly fee or even better you can be billed on a regular Time and Material basis, and you don’t need to care about additional costs anymore.

Need for scalability 

apparently, you need to scale up and cannot wait for your developers to finish their current tasks.

Our Technology Expertise

We select tools according to the project’s specifics and needs, not the other way around. Here you’ll find a few examples of our favorite productivity software.

How we work with our clients

We follow Agile methodology to stay flexible and meet your expectations and needs as they change, adjust and grow along with your project. At the same time, we understand that Agile movement was not about the process, but about the values.

While process is an important enabler of each project’s success, it’s never the goal itself. Therefore, our process is agile and flexible, always tailored to match your evolving needs.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

We value people more highly than processes as it is the people who respond to business needs.

Working software over comprehensive documentation

We strive to produce working software that brings value for your business.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

We encourage close collaboration with you and your teams throughout the whole development process.

Responding to change over following the plan

We rapidly adapt to changes as they always improve the project and bring additional value. 

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