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Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), invented in 1995, is a server-side scripting language. It is used to create dynamic HTML content on the web. Among other things, it is commonly used to create web pages, generate XML documents, Flash animations, graphics, PDF files and much more.


PHP is a programming language commonly used by companies and startups on the backend side. It is under constant development and updated frequently. It boasts a large community, creating rich documentation and shared knowledge.

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PHP is a backend language. This means that it is not used, for example, to create the website’s appearance. Primarily, it is used to write various website functionalities that run on the server side – for example;


user log-in and registration


an online store’s shopping cart


a system for creating and editing posts

Code written in PHP is not visible to the user or the web browser.


PHP language is excellent at managing large amounts of data, which is why it is increasingly used to manage complex web applications and sites. This is due to the ability to implement PHP scripts in HTML code. The language also works with database systems such as SQL. It can even be used to write programs in graphical mode.


Where can PHP software be used?

Developers commonly use PHP software to create websites. It is worth mentioning that it has also been used to create some of the most popular content management systems, such as WordPress and Drupal, as well as world-famous sites like Wikipedia and Yahoo. In addition, PHP is used to create:

Online stores


CRM systems



as well as generating XML, XLS or CSV files

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Why use PHP for web development?


The versatility of use and scalability:

PHP can be used to create small and simple websites, web applications, and systems serving large corporations that process vast amounts of data. The spectrum of PHP software applications is extensive, and the support of other users and the development of PHP as an open-source project makes it possible to quickly find help and answers to questions, which can be a considerable help for novice developers working on PHP development services.


Using PHP saves developers time:

instead of long lines of code, PHP allows using simple file functions, images, calculations and databases. This increases project cost efficiency, and completed products are released to the market faster.



PHP software is one of the most secure programming languages. Continuous development has led to the introduction of many safeguards against viruses and malware.



websites using PHP are generally fast, enhancing the user experience and positively impacting their visibility on Google.


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