Solution for Contract Management in the Manufacturing Industry

Discover a custom solution that makes managing contracts a simple process. With a powerful tool that integrates with internal databases, and allows for customization and editing flexibility. 




Customer background

In the manufacturing industry, handling contracts with suppliers and vendors is a critical task. Any error in this process can lead to significant setbacks, such as delays and additional expenses. Our software for contracts configuration was implemented successfully for our client in the manufacturing industry, helping a sales team of 300 in managing contracts efficiently and accurately. 





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The Contract Configurator tackles three major difficulties faced in traditional contract management: 

+ Complex Document Templating

Traditional editors fall short in handling the intricate templates needed for contracts. Our solution simplifies this process. 

+ Integration with Internal Databases

We enable direct integration with databases, reducing manual data entry and associated errors. 

+ Customization and Editing Flexibility

Our tool offers unmatched editing flexibility and customization, crucial for dynamic and structured document creation.


The Solution: Contract Configurator

Contract Configurator is a smart, error-checking assistant. It’s not just another document tool; it’s a powerhouse that

+ Syncs with Your Data

Real-time database integration eradicates those pesky manual data entry errors. 

+ Targets Specifics

With selective editing, zoom in on the exact contract section you need, allowing for quick refencing and editing.

+ Brings Structure to Chaos

Advanced text entry and editing blocks turn document chaos into clear, manageable structures.

+ Tailors to Your Brand

Custom components mean your contracts always align with your brand’s identity. 

The eContract configurator is more than a text editor. It’s a comprehensive solution for document creation and management. These features simplify the document creation process, improve accuracy, and provide customization options to meet your specific business needs. 



How it works?

Would you like to hear about this software from one of the creators? Listen to our Frontend developer Adrian Oleszczak: 

This software is like a supercharged text editor. It comes with useful features to make editing documents easier and better in several ways.

+ Selective Editing System

Imagine you have a big document, and you only want to change a specific part of it. The software lets you do just that. It’s like having a spotlight on the part you want to edit, making the process less confusing and more organized. 

+ Editing Blocks

Sometimes you need to add things like titles, lists, or tables to your documents. With this software, you can easily put these things into your work without any fuss. It’s like having a You have a collection of ready-made building blocks for your documents. 

+ Custom Components

This software goes a step further. You can create your own special building blocks. This helps keep your documents looking consistent with your style, and you get to add a personal touch that regular text editors can’t offer. 

If you're curious to see exactly how it all works, our Frontend developer, Adrian Oleszczak, will give you a tour of the tool:


Data Integration and Management

The software introduces advanced data handling features that help document creation and management: 

+ Database Integration

It offers customizable integration with any internal database, like the showcased Oracle connection, ensuring seamless data synchronization across systems. This helps to reduce human error.  

+ Real Data Implementation

This feature allows the direct incorporation of live data from internal systems into documents, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in creating up-to-date documents. 

+ Easy Addition of Extra Information

Users can quickly add essential details such as company and customer names or dates into documents with simple commands, streamlining the customization process. 

+ Efficient Document Exporting

The software enables the export of documents in formats like PDF, complete with real-time data, automatic paging, and preformatted headers and footers, simplifying the finalization process. 


Is This Solution Only for Manufacturing Companies?

Definitely no. Every company dealing with complex documentation will benefit from Contract Configurator. It’s a perfect for various industries, such as: 


Adapts to the dynamic nature of financial services, offering tools for crafting flexible contracts that can be quickly modified in response to changing financial regulations and market conditions. 


Detailed, customized insurance policies, helping to manage the diversity of policy types and ensuring compliance with industry-specific legal requirements. 


Supports the automotive sector by efficiently handling supplier agreements, manufacturing contracts, and dealer contracts, incorporating specific clauses and terms relevant to automotive production and sales. 


Ideal for managing contracts in energy sectors, including renewables, oil, and gas, with features that support compliance with environmental regulations and the complexities of energy trading agreements. 


Tailor-made for managing blockchain-related contracts, including smart contracts, ensuring precision and adherence to the unique requirements of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions. 


Enhances the efficiency of high-volume contract processing, which is essential for e-commerce platforms dealing with numerous vendors, suppliers, and service agreements. 


Assists in creating and managing logistics contracts, addressing the specific needs of transportation, warehousing, and supply chain agreements, incorporating terms for transit times, liability, and service level agreements. 

Telco (Telecommunications)

Supports the creation of contracts for service providers, including clauses for technology licensing, service delivery, network usage, and compliance with telecommunication regulations. 

Private Equity

Provides robust tools for drafting investment agreements and partnership contracts, crucial for private equity firms, ensuring these documents reflect the complex financial arrangements and compliance with financial regulations. 


Do you think this tool can make your work easier?

Contract errors can be costly in terms of time and finances. Our Contract Configurator minimizes these risks and enhances the contract creation process. It adapts to the unique requirements of your business. For more information, contact our team and discover how it can transform your contract management practices. 

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