An Advanced Agreement Configurator for Cost Forecasting and Efficient Contract Management

Developing an Advanced Agreement Configurator in the Renewable Gas Sector




Customer background

Our client works in the green technology sector, and provides sustainable energy solutions to clients across multiple regions. 








Long-term cost savings


Improved user satisfaction


Enhanced decision-making capabilities and market competitiveness


Background & need

Our client, a pioneer in green technology, is at the forefront of providing sustainable energy solutions on a global scale. Specializing in renewable gases, they faced significant challenges in international trade and reliable cost prediction. Their primary focus was on developing tools for accurate ROI and cost forecasting in international markets. As well as a comprehensive system bringing together customer agreements, unit classifications, and engine configurations.



Pain Points

Firstly, there was an urgent need for precise and reliable cost predictions in the international trading of renewable gases, a sector known for its volatility and complexity.

Secondly, the client’s existing commercial system was not aligned with their specific processes and workflows, a mismatch that significantly hindered the efficiency of their operations.

Next, there was a significant challenge in providing their sales personnel with effective tools. These tools were needed for configuring engines and predicting costs and profits, which are essential for making informed business decisions and maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Lastly, the current system was not cost-effective due to an expensive software licensing agreement.


Getting to grips with the challenges

Overcoming the challenges in this project required a strategic and innovative approach. Developing a user-friendly and efficient agreement configurator was a significant challenge, given the complexities of international markets and the specific needs of the renewable gas sector. The integration of hundreds of new attributes into the system, while ensuring compatibility with external systems, was a complex task that required careful planning and execution.

Additionally, balancing the need for timely updates with the challenge of merging these changes into a large-scale release was a critical aspect of the project, ensuring that the system remained current and effective.



The project’s development

Our process in achieving these goals was methodical and focused. We utilized the Scrum methodology to improve user experience and system flows, ensuring that the project was managed efficiently and effectively.

The team also presented pre-production versions directly to stakeholders, allowing for immediate feedback and rapid improvements. This approach made sure that the final product was closely aligned with the client’s needs and expectations.

Ultimately, all changes were merged into a significant two-year release, maintaining a seamless and up-to-date user experience, and keeping the system current and effective.


The Results - How the project benefited the client

An Advanced Agreement Configurator was developed, featuring extensive capabilities for engine configuration and cost/profit forecasting. This tool became essential in providing the client with the means to make accurate predictions and manage contracts effectively.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The introduction of the Advanced Agreement Configurator significantly enhanced decision-making capabilities and market competitiveness. This tool allowed for more accurate and reliable forecasting, which is critical in the renewable energy sector.

Cost Savings

Our system replaced the previous one where licensing was extremely costly, leading to long-term cost savings.

User Satisfaction

The project led to improved user satisfaction due to better workflow and increased system efficiency. This improvement was crucial for maintaining high operational standards and customer satisfaction.

Reliability Boost

The client also experienced increased power reliability and cost efficiencies in their operations, which are vital for long-term sustainability and success in the green technology sector.

Efficient Contract Management

The sales staff now have a powerful, comprehensive tool for contract management, enabling them to work more effectively and efficiently.


We used modern technologies, including Microservices, and:


Real-time monitoring:

Real-time monitoring:



In this project, we tackled the complex challenges of a green technology leader looking for precise cost forecasting and efficient agreement management for renewable gases. This solution not only streamlined the client’s operations but also enhanced their decision-making and market competitiveness.

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