Staff Augmentation Services for Smart Home Exercise Applications

Discover how we worked with Echelon Fit to deliver a fitness app on a tight schedule.


Project background

Echelon offers connected home exercise equipment, including bikes, treadmills, rowers, and more. These products are designed to connect users to a digital membership experience that caters to various fitness levels, from beginners to athletes.

The project aimed to increase Echelon’s resource pool to deliver an engaging fitness app. Echelon was looking for a software partner that could deliver the right tech stack, cultural fit, and communication style to fit their work style.

This was made more difficult due to hard deadlines. The application needed to be ready to go live at the same time as the physical machines entered circulation.

We helped to develop an Android application for fitness equipment that supports real-time competition and access to private, on-demand, online classes. The software is compatible with Android devices, including phones, foldables, tablets, and with the built-in tablets on the machines. It features a user interface that adjusts to the physical size and orientation of each device.






Project challenges

Echelon faced a number of challenges when it came to their project.

  • Initially, they needed to expand their resource pool. And to quickly expand their team’s capabilities with a short turnaround to get the project on track.
  • The project was resource-constrained and needed external developers to extend the skills of the in-house team.
  • The project also faced some technical challenges with multiple software versions implemented. There were over 70 PRs constantly waiting in queue to be merged.
  • The project was heavily time-constrained. All software needed to be ready in time with the launch of the physical machines in shops, no matter what.

Furthermore, our developers needed to understand what was needed of them. Our team suggested new approaches and changes. In brainstorming sessions, new solutions emerged. We worked closely with Echelon on “educational sessions” that helped our team better grasp the app’s architecture. 


Key technical challenges

Together with the team from Echelon, we worked to bring additional resources to help tackle some of the project’s primary challenges.

  • Transitioning from legacy to a new code base, while managing integration challenges.
  • Working towards establishing clearer coding standards for enhanced consistency.
  • Addressing code duplication and streamlining maintenance for improved efficiency.
  • Refining the code review process to prevent bottlenecks and help with smoother development workflows.
  • Worked with the Echelon team to fix a crucial CI pipeline, improving efficiency. Proposed solutions led to CI restoration, with CD planned for later to focus on upcoming app features.
  • Collaborating closely on designs to accommodate evolving needs during feature implementation.


Technical success criteria

In our collaborative effort with the client’s team, we aimed to achieve a set of ambitious success criteria while offering our support as an additional resource. 

The project's key goals included:

  • Transitioning to a Single Activity Architecture, simplifying the application structure.
  • Adopting Jetpack Compose across all platforms to modernize the development process.
  • Crafting a new user experience, collaborating on both a fresh interface and substantial API improvements.
  • Building an additional resource pool to accelerate production.
  • Refreshing the user interface without compromising existing functionalities.
  • Addressing challenges associated with the existing codebase, particularly its reliance on third-party UI component libraries.

Through these efforts, we focused on enhancing both the application’s performance and the development experience, achieving a modern, functional, and user-friendly product.


The results?

We successfully incorporated Jetpack Compose for the app’s UI rebuild, enhancing its design and user interface. To support enhanced navigation, we implemented a custom back stack and integrated dialogs within Appyx, addressing previous limitations.

The backend API was upgraded, ensuring a solid foundation for the application’s functionality.

In terms of development processes, we made pivotal changes. The PR review process was refined for greater flexibility, speeding up development cycles. Task definitions were also improved, allowing for clearer scope and preparation before sprint inclusion. These adjustments led to improved code quality and a more efficient workflow, positively impacting the project’s success.


This is how our client benefited

Increased pool of quality resources

Echelon’s resource pool was expanded with skilled team members from our side, accelerating project progress across their product lineup.

Rapid response

Our team quickly adjusted to match Echelon’s needs, ensuring alignment with their timelines and internal processes. Through Agile methodologies, we established a working relationship that supported a swift ramp-up.

Enhanced UI

The UI overhaul made the application easier to navigate and use, significantly improving the user experience.

Updated technologies

The adoption of modern technologies, such as Jetpack Compose, updated the application’s technology stack.

More reliable and consistent API code

The API code was made more reliable and consistent, enhancing system interactions and user experience.

Foundation for future development

The project established a base for future growth and adaptation, enabling Echelon to extend its technology to new projects.

Support for new hardware

Integration was expanded to include new hardware like stair climbers, ellipticals, and strength machines, broadening the product’s appeal.

Integration with third-party services

Enhanced functionality through integration with Spotify, FeedFM, Fitbit, and Strava, enriching the user experience and connectivity.



In collaboration with Echelon, we worked with their internal team, adapting to their needs to improve their fitness app solutions. The focus was on expanding Echelon’s development team and speeding up product development. Our work improved the user interface, updated the technology, to support new hardware, and set a foundation for future growth.

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