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React Native services - get a deeper insight into mobile apps

React Native is a development platform for building apps. It was created by Facebook, well known to everyone, to speed up the process of creating mobile applications. So what does it enable us to do?

The React Native framework allows developers to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript. With React Native, creating user-friendly apps and Android and iOS systems and increasing business profitability is possible using a single code base. In addition, React Native offers excellent performance, especially with rapidly changing data.

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Did you know that the originators of React were Jordan Walke and Tom Occhino? At the JSConf US conference in 2013, they announced the creation of React Native and made it available to the developer community – as an open-source project.


Over time, React Native app development has gained a large fan base – including among companies such as Trello, Slack, Airbnb, Netflix, and the New York Times.


Subsequent years of React Native app development services brought new updates and upgrades. Today, as we mentioned in the introduction, it is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. And behind its success story are a few developers who decided to go outside the box. They created the React framework to solve their problems. Probably they did not expect that a few years later, it would solve the problems of millions of developers worldwide.


Where can React Native be used?

The capabilities of React Native are extensive, and therefore there are practically no restrictions related to the industry where it can be used. As a result, it’s an ideal framework for developing customer-facing applications that don’t rely heavily on features and integrations and don’t need complex design or animation to gain a competitive edge.

React Native will undoubtedly work well for development:

Social media platforms

E-commerce building platforms

Media and content apps

Companion apps

Entertainment and journalism

B2B solutions

Services apps

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What do business benefits React Native app development offer?


Time and cost optimization:

With React Native, you create a single reusable code that can be used on iOS and Android. This saves release time and minimizes costs.


Streamline app maintenance:

Developing apps in React Native makes their continued maintenance and development across platforms seamless. This is because the time commitment of developers is much less, as they do not have to write code from scratch.


Simplified UI design:

React Native app development focuses primarily on building a mobile user interface. The resulting apps feature fast loading times and incredible responsiveness. Equally important, apps created with the help of React Native run smoother and take up less memory space.


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