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Kubernetes development services – scale your IT environment quickly

Kubernetes is an open-source platform dedicated to managing, automating, and scaling containerized applications. Interestingly, the name is derived from Greek, where it means helmsman. One can also encounter the term Kubernetes as K8s. This, in turn, is an abbreviation where the eight letters "ubernete" have been replaced by the number "8".


What should you know about Kubernetes development services?

Google created Kubernetes nearly 20 years ago to support the company’s production workloads. In 2014, the project was handed over to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation organization and made public. Since then, the Kubernetes platform has continued to be developed by organizations, companies, and professionals using Kubernetes development services.


Kubernetes is an effective tool for automating deployments, scaling applications, managing containers, and monitoring processes. 


Application owners and development teams using Kubernetes development services can thus focus primarily on the development of their product rather than on managing the IT infrastructure and matching the product to its requirements.


This is because Kubernetes allows you to manage groups of cooperating servers effectively, making running an application much simpler. In essence, Kubernetes development services provide the ability to distribute a given service among clusters and servers and direct them to the appropriate containers, and the entire process of managing these tasks is done from one place.


Where can Kubernetes development services be used?​

Kubernetes development services are used by many well-known and recognized companies in the market. Among them are Google, Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, Adidas, IBM, HubSpot, Zalando, and Airbnb.

We can say that Kubernetes is a platform that has accelerated the digitization of many companies and significantly impacted the IT industry’s functioning. Its advantages have long been recognized by global brands, which fully know the benefits of its use.

Kubernetes development services make it possible to create products that work in any environment, significantly reducing the number of working hours spent on a project. As a result, product launches become faster, and companies’ profits increase.

Modern IT architecture only with Kubernetes development services

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What are the benefits of using Kubernetes development services?


Operation efficiency:

With containers, you get the assurance that your applications have everything they need to run. Furthermore, as you add containers, you can automatically manage and distribute them through the Kubernetes system.


Cost efficiency:

Any company that operates at scale has high operating costs. Choosing Kubernetes development minimizes this problem because this type of architecture is possible even for enterprise applications, making it possible to run them efficiently with minimal resources.


Enhanced application performance:

Behind the success of the popularity of many applications are high-performance code, fast infrastructure that ensures almost instantaneous provisioning of essential resources, and an agile team of specialists. Kubernetes development company takes all these factors into account, increasing application performance.


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