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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud from Google. This tool allows users to create, test and deploy their solutions using Google's infrastructure. In addition, Google Cloud Platform users get access to nearly 200 cloud services, tools, and components that they can freely configure according to their IT infrastructure needs.
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Google Cloud Platform serves millions of users daily and is one of the most popular cloud technologies alongside Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Among its cloud services, GCP offers Machine Learning systems, Big Data, analysis and management tools, cloud storage, containers, databases, and much more.


Two years after the launch of the Amazon cloud, a second player – Google – entered the market. It was 2008, and to gather user feedback and make critical improvements in the test version, App Engine was made available to 10,000 developers on a first-come, first-served basis. After these events, in 2011. Google moved from App Engine test mode to a fully functional product.


A decade was enough for Google to carry out further improvements to the cloud and, along with many new and handy features, release a whole suite of services under the Google Cloud Platform umbrella. 


Google has become one of the world’s leading public cloud providers, used by companies such as Snapchat, Airbnb, Bloomberg, and PayPal.


Where can Google Cloud Platform be used?

The Google cloud development services apply to various business and industry sectors. The number of possible options is growing with the expansion of cloud technologies. The most popular of these are:

Infrastructure modernization – backup and disaster recovery, high-performance computing, virtual desktops, and others,

Databases – for example, databases migration and modernization, open source databases, SQL server on Google Cloud,

Application modernization – CAMP, migrate from mainframe, DevOps best practices, modernize traditional apps, etc.,

Smart analytics – data warehouse modernization, business intelligence, data science, marketing analytics, and others

Artificial Intelligence – contact center AI, document AI, product discovery,

Security – security foundation, analytics and operations, RCaC, software supply chain security, etc.,

Industry solutions – retail, manufacturing, energy, supply chain and logistic, healthcare, science, media, gaming, telecommunications and others,

Small business solutions and startups.

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Why use Google Cloud Development services?



Google Cloud Platform is a universal tool accessible worldwide (with Internet access). It can be used by individual website/application owners and business – owners of small and medium-sized enterprises and corporations.


No need to maintain IT infrastructure:

Users using the Google Cloud Platform do not have to worry about maintaining physical servers, limited disk space, or limited scalability of resources. Instead, entrepreneurs and companies can focus on business development, marketing efforts, or growth strategies, as Google Cloud Platform services are fully scalable and adaptable to current needs.


Unlimited storage space:

With Google Cloud Platform services, you don’t have to buy “stock” items for future planned projects. You can always add a given service/tool to your infrastructure or increase storage space in case of increased demand. Such scalability facilitates work and cost optimization.



In Google’s cloud platform, the customer pays only for the actual consumption of the cloud – in exact (second-by-second!) terms. What does this mean? A company using Google Cloud Platform services pays when the application, website, or system runs. If it is turned off – the company does not pay.


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