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Docker development services – scale your IT environment quickly

Docker is an open application development environment and one of several tools available on the market that run containers. With containers, we can activate a different, isolated operating system with an application ready to run.


Docker development - a whole new quality of developers' environments

This, in turn, makes work more manageable, as application developers, by providing ready-made and independently functioning containers, can focus on the code and business application of the application in their daily work without having to worry about the operating system or deployment system in use. Equally important, the delay between writing and running code in a production environment can be dramatically reduced by using Docker development services to upload, test and deploy code.


Did you know that the creation of Docker was kept secret? Its creator, Solomon Hykes, founder and CEO of dotCloud, unveiled Docker development services in a brief presentation at the Python Developers Conference, held in Santa Clara, California, on March 15, 2013.


Over the following months, interest in Docker development grew. By making it available in an open-source model on GitHub, many people could download it, test it and make improvements.


Today, Docker development services are used by millions of users and hundreds of commercial customers who scale their products and services with the tool.

Docker development company - focus on value:

Containers, especially Docker, are a huge help for both developers and business representatives. Therefore, learning the best practices is crucial. You can benefit from them primarily by working with a Docker development company. It saves time, money, and resources.

Docker development services - will they also work for your company?

Docker development services are used in various industries and companies. However, they are particularly recommended for the following:

Microservices-based applications

Re-testing applications before deployment

Early application development

In the development of cloud environments for applications

Deployment of applications independent of the operating system

Learn what to do to make your digital business work effectively

Why use containerization and Docker development services?



A container stores an application’s source code, libraries, and runtime environment. It can be freely moved and run in different environments, regardless of the type and configuration of the infrastructure.


Efficient resource consumption:

By removing the operating system layer, the resource requirements of such a container are much lower. For example, the size of a typical virtual machine counts in gigabytes, while the size of a standard container is a matter of megabytes.


Speed of operation:

Creating, running, replicating, and deleting a container usually takes a few seconds. However, similar operations on a virtual machine take much longer and consume more resources, which ultimately translates into the cost of the service.


Work efficiency:

Development teams in Docker development companies can work more efficiently on new features and updates, as they have scalability. Depending on the current demand, additional instances can be quickly launched, and the orchestration software intelligently manages them.



Docker development company focuses on reducing resources and teams. Companies can therefore deliver new products to market faster, with fewer developers involved. This translates into savings and a higher return on investment.


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