Implementing a Digital Solution for Porsche's After-Sales Care

Developing an after-sales platform to enhance communication between Porsche, its subsidiaries, importers, and approximately 800 Porsche Centers. 

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Customer background

Porsche is a well-known German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans. 

As they keep evolving, Porsche stays committed to making customers happy. They focus on after-sales care, using innovation and the latest technology to improve services.






Background & need

Porsche, a luxury car manufacturer, sought to improve their digital interaction with customers in the after-sales department. To achieve this, they aimed to develop the “Sales Core Processes” Tool, aimed at building communication between Porsche, its subsidiaries, importers, and about 800 Porsche Centers.

The challenge was to create a user-friendly digital platform that reflects Porsche’s brand values and boosts customer engagement. And to ensure a consistent experience with quality across their services.


Pain points

The project aimed to tackle three main pain points for the company:

Firstly, the existing digital solutions did not align with Porsche’s sophisticated, modern brand image, reflecting the luxury and high performance that the brand is known for.

Next, there was a critical need for an interactive and engaging online experience. Integrating data on the latest requirements, procedures, and recommendations for after-sales service. 

Finally, A significant gap was the absence of a digital platform dedicated to making sure all customer service procedures were universal. 


The challenges

The main challenge was to get to the core of this question. How do you ensure that everyone in the value chain across various countries and regions sticks to the customer service process and the respective tasks?

There was also the challenge of creating a visually appealing and intuitive digital platform. The goal was to integrate the platform smoothly with Porsche’s existing IT infrastructure, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, the project faced the task of streamlining the after-sales customer service process on a global scale, requiring a system that could be universally applied yet tailored to different markets and regions.


The project’s development

We worked closely with Porsche’s team to deeply understand their brand ethos and customer needs. Agile methodologies were employed throughout the development process to ensure flexibility and responsiveness to changing requirements.

The focus was on creating a “Digital Knowledge Database” – the Porsche Service Core Process (SCP) – to replace outdated paper guidelines with a more efficient, web-based system. This platform was designed to be easily accessible to Porsche partners, offering the latest information on after-sales service requirements, procedures, and recommendations.


The solution

The outcome was a digital platform that provided an immersive and interactive experience. A key component, the Porsche Service Core Process (SCP), was introduced in April 2020 across 19 markets on five continents, with plans for further expansion.

The SCP, based on WordPress, allows for the creation of universal content solutions. An MVP (click dummy) version was initially developed and tested in two markets, followed by a fully working product based on the feedback from the first phase. This led to the launch of individual market pages and ongoing support for Porsche in the platform’s continuous development and maintenance.

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