As CEO of Inspeerity, I am excited to share news & my thoughts on creating a strategic partnership with another 3 great European companies and becoming a member of the DevelopX Group.

In this article, I am going to explain the criteria we used when choosing partners, who they are, and what this change means for our clients and employees.

As in any business, various decisions can impact the pace of development of the company. For months we analyzed possible directions to grow, and we knew that together with the right partners we would grow faster than individually. This is why we decided to join a strategic partnership.

Over time, we’ve received numerous invitations to form various types of partnerships. And with many options on the table, we had to establish clear criteria for selecting the proper partners. How we made that decision? Let’s start from the beginning.

Criteria for partner selection

  • Similar size – we looked for companies that are similar in size to ours so that there would not be too much difference in the level of development and capabilities (but still a big hunger for growth).
  • Balance of power – we wanted to avoid any dominance from one side. My previous experience has shown how hard it is to create a sense of cooperation and balance when there’s a significant difference in power. This made it challenging to ensure that every partner felt their impact was valued.
  • History of fast development – a history of development in the market that indicates credibility and experience.
  • Financial security and strong investors – we wanted to find a way to increase financial security by joining a group backed up by strong and reliable investing partners.
  • Innovation – with an approach to entering new markets. Our aim was to broaden our reach and attract new customers.
  • Chemistry – we wanted to work with companies where we could actually have good conversations instead of stiff meetings. We wanted to work with people we could trust and develop a long-term relationship with.

Who met these criteria?

I won’t repeat descriptions that are easily available online. Instead, I’ll share my personal thoughts on the unique strengths of our partners.


Our German partner has extremely valuable experience in business building and consultation, especially for large and recognizable brands. Thanks to its analytical skills and detailed business knowledge in various industry verticals, DevelopX is able to provide its customers with detailed, ready-to-build digital solutions based on the latest technologies. Their analytical and business planning skills are invaluable and complement Inspeerity’s business style very well.

Concise Software

Located in Poland, they focus on the delivery of software projects and specialize in providing solutions, especially for startups. Their strength lies in the efficient and effective implementation of slightly smaller projects than Inspeerity is used to working with. This allows us to offer support to clients for whom we were previously unable to do so.

Nearshore Portugal

Is a company with a profile similar to Inspeerity. They specialize in creating software development teams for European companies, including well-known brands. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to respond faster to customers’ requests and quickly deliver software development teams in various technologies even to big organizations.

How clients may benefit from this partnership?

  • A wider range of technologies allows us as a group to deliver more diverse and tailored solutions.
  • Faster team building and project delivery in a shorter period.
  • Increased ability to deliver short-term projects – at Inspeerity we have mainly worked on long-term assignments and projects so far.
  • Greater sense of security for clients, as our operations are supported by the financial security of the group.

And what about Inspeerity?

There are many aspects of how our team may benefit from this collaboration. However, it is worth emphasizing that we are talking about a long-term strategy and certain things will not happen immediately.

We will still do things the way we have always done, the Inspeerity way. Following the same processes we’ve developed through the years, the ones that work for us.

Developers will have more opportunities to participate in projects in new areas and for larger clients.

Building new solutions gives the developers a sense of impact and helps develop their skills. Being part of a group allows us to work with more clients, recognizable brands, and larger projects. New clients mean new challenges. Thanks to our new partnership all members of the Inspeerity team will have more choices to develop their careers.

Managers will have an opportunity to exchange know-how & collaborate on new processes with their counterparts from the group.

It’s an opportunity to deep dive into how others approach their projects and to learn from them. We have the opportunity to share best practices and grow together.

Such collaboration will help us to increase our experience and knowledge, including industry-specific experience for verticals where we have not worked yet as Inspeerity. We will have a wider pool of talent and technologies to draw from, again, opening doors for our team.

Joining an international group offers the opportunity to work with colleagues from Germany and Portugal. This creates new connections and possibilities for everyone involved.

Collaboration on our own terms

Everyone who knows Inspeerity can confirm, that we like to do things our way and use common sense to guide us.

Also, for this partnership, we’re making sure the creation process feels right. No strict rules or confusing procedures. We start from the very beginning in a way that works for all of us. I must confess, this is one of my favorite aspects of this project.


After these 4.5 years, we’ve managed to build a rapidly growing company. According to the Financial Times FT1000 ranking, we have done quite well. However, I believe it’s time for us to step outside of our comfort zone and take the next big leap forward.

I think the partnership with DevelopX, Concise Software, and Nearshore Portugal is the right step into the future. Together, we will develop faster and smarter than each individually over many years. I am convinced that this cooperation will bring many benefits to our clients & employees, and I am proud that Inspeerity can be a part of it.

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