Piotr Ostapczuk

How NOT to Apply New Tools to Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration – we use it, we rely on it, but also we depend on it. In our company, we always apply unit, integration and lately contract tests to the flow of builds verification. We didn’t experience any problems until we applied PACT Broker to our flow. This showed us how big impact may cause mistakes during CI flow preparation.

Karol Wiszowaty

100 Times Faster Page Display and 100 000 More Auctions Exposed – USA Auto-Online Case Study

Everyone has something that they hold on to for way longer than needed. Maybe it’s that stationary bicycle you really thought you’d ride every evening. Or it could be old jersey that you claim is lucky. Either way, sometimes you just can’t see, or ignore, all the signs that something needs to go or change. When running the business, the last thing you want to ignore is your website. Knowing when it’s time to rebuild it allows to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of leads.

Wojciech Urban

Sitecore JSS – Real Time Personalization

Sitecore JSS is really powerfull framework which brings a lot of advantages to your websites. After a few days of digging into this technology, I fell in love with this headless approach which is great and I can see a bright future ahead of this. Once I’ve started playing with it, I noticed that only JSON data is coming from a server and we’re building whole HTML on client side.