.NET - an innovative approach to software development

.NET is a free, cross-platform open-source framework. It helps to develop modern, scalable, powerful desktop, web, cloud, and mobile applications. The .NET ecosystem has a single shared library, runtime environment, language compilers and tools through which it offers developers many possibilities.

What is .NET?


NET is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework from Microsoft that enables the development of applications in various programming languages, such as Visual Basic, C# or F#.


With the help of the .NET framework, you will create applications for the cloud, as well as web, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT and AI applications.


Importantly, .NET software provides standard base class libraries and APIs common to all .NET applications. As a result, this development platform allows you to quickly create high-quality applications useful to end users. Wide range of third-party libraries enable even faster development of robust software.


Beckerbillett Case Study

Beckerbillett provides software ticketing solutions for various leisure and cultural venues and was under pressure to meet growing customer expectations and increase online sales.


What can the .NET framework be used for?



Applications & web


Native applications

for the cloud

Mobile applications


IoT and AI
based solutions

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The key benefits that .NET software development offers:



the .NET platform is open-source software and is available on GitHub for free and open to community input. While the direction of .NET development is guided by a dedicated team of experts from Microsoft, the tips of the development community gathered around the framework are also taken into account.



with the help of .NET, developers can create and run applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, or on public and private clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS in one, integrated development environment. A .NET application can be developed using a single code base and run on multiple platforms.


Choice of programming language:

.NET supports multiple languages, including C#, F# and Visual Basic, thus providing developers with flexibility.


Support for cloud solutions:

NET software is native to the cloud and enables developers to create cloud-based web applications, services and APIs.


Ability to develop applications with Blazor:

it’s a free and open-source cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft that allows you to use the same syntax and semantics for the backend and frontend. At Inspeerity, we often use Blazor in our work with clients because it gives us the possibility to create efficient, user-friendly applications in a short time.

Pawel B

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