Improving Healthcare Access Through a User-Friendly Mobile Health App

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Creating a digital solution to traditional healthcare services

Digitalization is helping to shape patient care by offering an always-available experience. This enables patients to manage their health needs anytime and anywhere.

The project involved working with our client to develop a mobile health application. The aim was to improve access to healthcare services for patients in Poland.

This was part of a broader effort to enhance the digital infrastructure for health management. Which, at the time, was especially critical during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

This digital approach is essential for continuous healthcare delivery, particularly during times of crisis when traditional healthcare access might be limited.






The challenge of developing a platform for appointments, prescriptions, and vaccination tracking

The project faced several key challenges:

+ Integration of Healthcare Services

Developing a platform that could seamlessly integrate various healthcare services was essential. This included functionalities such as appointment scheduling, prescription management, and vaccination tracking. With mobile phones, patients can make appointments, pick up prescriptions, and chat with doctors online. Creating solutions that combine medicine and new technologies offers flexibility.

+ User Accessibility

The application had to be accessible to all users. This includes those with disabilities or limited technical skills, which was a major challenge. Cooperating with our client, we aimed to streamline processes, making it easier to reach vulnerable patients. Access to health information and services is important for individuals who cannot visit clinics. Our goal was to create an application for everyone, enhancing the accessibility of healthcare services.

+ Pandemic Response

Deploying a reliable and secure application during the global pandemic was seen as important. The project was developed during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which added a layer of responsibility to our task. By co-creating solutions used by patients in Poland, we helped patients access medical care. Especially during a time when traditional healthcare systems were under immense pressure. Our efforts aimed to ensure that people could continue to receive necessary health services.

covid app


Integrating healthcare services into a user-friendly app

The collaboration with our client focused on two primary areas. First, developing a mobile application. And next, integrating a QR code scanner for vaccination data.

The mobile application serves as a gateway to the “Internet Patient Account,” a government initiative. This helps users manage doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, and other health services.

Key features included:

  • Prescription preview: receive and check prescriptions within the mobile app.
  • QR code vaccination check: scan and verify vaccination status using QR codes.
  • Medical appointments: view past medical appointments and see upcoming ones.
  • Vaccination status: check immunization records conveniently in the app.
  • Health alerts: receive notifications from the health platform.


Improving patient access to healthcare services

The project delivered a mobile health app that improved access to healthcare services for patients. The application allowed users to manage medical appointments, view and receive prescriptions, check vaccination status, and receive important health notifications. This both helped patients access healthcare services and provided crucial support.


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