Implementing Regional Payment Terminals for EV Chargers

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Designing an integrated payment system for multi-regional payment terminals

Our client, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, needed an integrated payment system. It would need to integrate with diverse, multi-regional payment terminals for EV chargers.

This project aimed to ensure compliance with local payment regulations and preferences. While at the same time maintaining seamless operation and high reliability. The project involved integration over the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). It also required integration with various payment APIs.






Overcoming challenges of OCPP compliance and regional integration

The project presented several challenges:

  • Ensured Compliance: Protocol Compliance ensures strict adherence to OCPP standards. This is crucial to enable communication between EV chargers and the central system.
  • Dynamic Configuration: We put in place a solution that supports dynamic configuration. This allows for easy updates. As well as making changes to payment terminal settings without disrupting the service. This feature ensures flexibility and adaptability in managing settings.
  • Seamless Integration: API Integration involves connecting multiple regional payment gateways. This supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and local e-wallets. The aim is to give customers more choice across different regions.
  • Reliable Isolation: In short, each payment gateway integration is run by dedicated microservices. This approach helps to isolate faults. And, allows each service to scale independently, boosting overall system resilience.
  • Enhanced Resilience: saga, circuit breaker, and retry were used to boost system resilience. These techniques are designed to enhance system reliability and increase fault tolerance. This makes sure that operations continue as usual under various scenarios.


Integrating regional payment gateways via APIs for payment processing

Our solution delivered a robust, scalable, and reliable payment integration system for EV chargers. The key components of the project included:

  • NestJS Framework: NestJS was chosen for its scalability. It also supports microservices architecture, which enables modular development. The framework helped us to deliver payment processing, user management, and OCPP communication.
  • OCPP Integration: Full compliance with OCPP standards was achieved. This means there was seamless communication between EV chargers and the central system. The approach also supported dynamic configuration.
  • API Integration: Multiple regional payment gateways were integrated through APIs. This ensured efficient routing of requests and effective handling of API calls and responses.
  • Microservices Architecture: A microservices architecture was adopted, where each service handled specific functionalities. It helped to deliver payment processing, transaction logging, and user notifications. Docker containerization ensured consistency across environments, while Kubernetes managed the deployment and scaling.
  • Advanced Patterns: Several advanced patterns were implemented to enhance system resilience and reliability. The saga pattern managed complex transactions. The circuit breaker pattern prevented cascading failures. The retry pattern addressed transient failures with exponential backoff.


This is how our client benefited

  • Localization: Tailored payment solutions met regional preferences and regulatory requirements. This improved user experience and ensured compliance.

  • Flexibility: The system supported multiple payment methods and dynamic updates. This allowed quick adaptation to changing market demands and new payment technologies.

  • Reliability: Advanced patterns were used to ensure high reliability and fault tolerance. This minimized service disruptions.

  • Scalability: microservice architecture and Kubernetes allow services to scale independently, based on demand. This ensured high availability and resilience.


Delivering a flexible solution, our regional payment terminals were localized, reliable, and scalable

The implementation of regional payment terminals for EV chargers was a significant success.  It delivered a localized, flexible, reliable, and scalable solution, meeting the project’s scope. 

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