Real-Time Physiotherapist Access Through a Mobile Application


Our client looked to connect with patients in real time

A client based in Germany looked to create a telemedical platform. The aim was to connect patients with physiotherapists in real time and enhance accessibility. We were approached to develop a communication platform. The biggest challenge was ensuring it met high security standards and functionality.






Due to the nature of the project, security & reliability were key challenges

The project presented several challenges for our team of developers. 

  • Real-Time Communication: the project needed a fast and reliable video chat feature. This would boost accessibility with real-time consultations between patients and therapists.
  • Security: keeping the patients’ data secure was a key consideration. High-security considerations included encryption and compliance with medical standards.
  • Interactive Tools: we needed an interactive way for therapists to communicate. This was because they needed to show exercises and provide instructions clearly.
  • Data Storage: to develop private storage spaces for both patients and therapists. This is to keep track of exercise information and medical recommendations.
  • Scheduling: developing a calendar and reminder system for planning upcoming visits.


Delivering a secure video conferencing tool

Our developers tackled these challenges by developing an interactive and user-friendly platform. The solution included:

  • Video and Text Chat: Using Apizee, the platform provided secure video conferencing. As well as text chat capabilities to help therapists and patients communicate.
  • Data Storage and Security: Utilized io for scalable storage. This was implemented with encryption so it was compliant with medical standards.
  • Digital Whiteboard: created an interactive whiteboard feature for therapists. This helped them to show exercises in real time.
  • Calendar and Reminders: Integrated a scheduling system with reminders. This helped patients and therapists plan their sessions.
  • Motion Analysis Integration: Designed a solution that organizes the data. We used health, which collects data from IoT devices and wearables.
  • Payment Systems: Integrated Stripe and Klarna for secure and easy online payments.
  • User Verification: Added a Friendly Captcha for simple user identity verification.


The project started as an MVP to gain feedback

Our team of developers deep-dived into the project details. Here are some of the key tasks. 

  • MVP Development: built the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to launch the platform and gather initial user feedback.
  • Bug Fixes and Improvements: fixed bugs and improved the product based on user feedback.
  • New Features: developed extra features. Examples include gamification, CRM integration, and enhanced video call views.


A full telemedical solution was developed

The platform launched, providing a complete telemedical solution for physiotherapy. This project enhanced accessibility, allowing patients to connect with physiotherapists from anywhere.

High-security measures made sure that patient data was securely stored and encrypted. This meant the app met stringent medical standards.

Including user-friendly tools, such as the digital whiteboard and scheduling, improved the user experience. Additionally, integrating with advanced motion analysis tools provided insights into additional patient metrics.

The secure payment system streamlined the financial process. All this contributes to a seamless and effective telemedical platform.


A secure, user-freindly solution

Our developers’ expertise in secure software development helped launch a telemedical platform. The project met the client’s expectations. It provided a secure, efficient, and user-friendly telemedical solution for physiotherapy.

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