Developing a
Telemedical Drug Delivery Platform

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Project background

Our client aimed to solve the challenge of administering precise doses of medications. And in particular, controlled substances. The goal was to create a platform that would make a patient’s medication intake process safer.

This telemedical solution needed to function as both a hardware device and as an integrated system. We worked closely with the client to design a system that manages and monitors drug delivery.






Project challenges

The project presented several challenges:

  • Precise Drug Administration: ensuring accurate dosing for medications. This was especially important for those classified as high-risk like opioids.

  • User-Friendly Interface: designing an intuitive interface. The UI had to be simple for users to understand, particularly the elderly.

  • Security: Implementing high-level security features was there to protect patient data. It also prevented unauthorized access to medications.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: providing healthcare professionals with tools to monitor patients. This was to check if patients were following their prescribed therapies.

  • Versatile Delivery Methods. Initially focusing on intranasal drug delivery, with plans to expand later. The project looked to expand to areas such as sublingual, transdermal, and oral delivery.

  • Preventing Abuse: developing mechanisms to stop misuse of medications. This included secure vials and biometric verification.
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The solution

The key components of the project included:

Remote Prescription: the system provides physicians with the ability to prescribe medication remotely. This feature means that patients can receive prescriptions without the need for in-person visits. This helps with convenience and accessibility.

Reminders: the patient application includes a reminder system that alerts users to take their medication on time. This feature helps improve medication adherence and ensures that patients do not miss critical doses.

Biometrics: to enhance security, the system includes biometric verification. Only authorized individuals can access and take the medication. This prevents unauthorized use and ensures patient safety.

Treatment Preview: the platform provides a consistent dashboard for physicians. This allows them to monitor whether patients have taken their medication as prescribed. Real-time monitoring helps healthcare providers ensure compliance and adjust treatment plans as necessary.


The development process

During the development process, we collaborated closely with the client to define the scope of work. Mock-ups of functionalities were created to ensure a quick implementation process. We created the required functionalities according to the guidelines. React Native was chosen to ensure compatibility across multiple devices. Thorough application tests were conducted to ensure reliability and performance.


The results

The platform provided a precise and secure medication administration solution. The platform enhanced patient safety by ensuring accurate dosing and preventing unauthorized access.

Our client gained real-time monitoring capabilities. This improves adherence to therapy and reduces the risk of medication misuse. The user-friendly interface and advanced security features helped patients with their treatments.



Our focus on client safety and real-time data monitoring created an innovative drug delivery platform. The project provided a reliable, efficient, and secure solution for administering high-risk medications.

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