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Creating an app to support well-being at work

Maintaining a balance between work and rest while living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. That’s why we worked with T-Cup to develop a mobile solution to address modern-day wellness. By including expert advice and health tracking, the application helps you keep healthy habits.

The mobile app supports well-being initiatives at work. This not only attracts and keeps talent but also helps productivity within the workplace. It has tools to provide personalized support and proactive measures against burnout.

Additionally, it helps you to take on your mental well-being. This is done by breaking down communication barriers and promoting a supportive work environment. The app’s focus extends beyond individual health management. The app’s user-friendly UI makes it easy to integrate into daily routines.






Encouraging users to keep coming back

In developing the app, one challenge was crafting an experience that not only attracts users but also encourages repeated use. This is a crucial element for any lifestyle app. People often struggle to balance health, work, and rest which undermines well-being. This made it crucial for the digital solution to be engaging. As well as be able to integrate into daily routines.

Our team faced the challenge of designing a platform that individuals would respond to. The app needed an experience that motivates users to track, analyze, and enhance their lifestyles.

The goal was to create an environment that supports health improvements but also makes such changes enjoyable. This meant designing social features that build community, further driving engagement and retention.


A feature rich platform was developed

While developing the mobile application, the focus was to create an engaging platform. One that empowers users to take control of their well-being with the following features:

  • Dashboard Design: implemented a dashboard that provides all essential information. This enhances the user’s ability to track their health metrics.
  • Statistics: developed detailed statistical tracking.  This allows users to see their progress across different activities and health metrics. This feature aims to motivate users by visually displaying their achievements and trends over time.
  • Friend Network: created a social feature that enables users to connect with friends within the app. This builds a community environment where users can share progress and healthy competition.
  • Smart Journal: introduced a smart journal for users to log and track daily activities, mood, and dietary habits. This tool is designed to help users match lifestyle choices with changes in well-being.
  • Health Improvement Tips: this includes a dynamic tips section that provides personalized advice. This ranges from improving health based on user activity and health data analysis.


The result was a user-friendly app that improves work life balance

The project with T-Cup focused on creating a mobile app to improve well-being by balancing work and rest through technology. The app includes health tracking and expert advice to encourage users to adopt and maintain healthy habits.

The application met stakeholder needs by providing a user-first experience that promotes well-being. The design supports users in their personal health journeys. And, at the same time promoting a positive and engaging digital environment.

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