Digital transformation For One of the Largest Ticket Distributors in Europe.

Discover how we boosted the client’s team with experienced staff. And help BeckerBillett solve existing issues and build new features.



The client we've helped out

Beckerbillett is an established company with decades of experience in the German ticketing market. They provide leisure and cultural venues with complete ticketing solutions. The company offers everything from top-quality printed tickets, and access control hardware, to ticketing and visitor management software.

They were going through a digital transformation  for three years. Starting with a small in-house team of developers. However, the team had been under a lot of pressure from growing customer expectations. When online sales skyrocketed during the pandemic, it put even more strain on the team and their systems. To solve this problem, our client reached out for external help and expertise.






The Process we’ve succeeded with

Initially, two senior developers and an architect joined the client’s original team. Their first task was to get to know the complexities of the client’s software and hardware ecosystem. It was also crucial for them to be able to communicate well with the client’s team. They needed to be frank and clear, but also sensitive, to build mutual trust.

They worked closely with the client for two months. Within that time, they got to understand the client’s system and needs well enough to propose a project approach and required team structure. Based on this recommendation, Inspeerity began to expand the team working for the client. Within six months the team grew to twelve people.


The outcome we've achieved

Work with the client is now conducted in two main areas. The first is the improvement of existing solutions, which are being maintained and are bringing profits. Our QA team has been able to improve product quality by streamlining the software writing process. Performance issues have been fixed and new features added. The team was also able to integrate the hardware and software infrastructure without increasing the client’s technology stack.

The second area is the development of a completely new product: a ticket sales system accessible through API. It allows cooperation partners of our client to also sell tickets via their own platform for our client’s clients. It is working more or less like an invisible ticket marketplace, with capacity leveling. Hence the system exchanges sales data in real time between the different systems, in order to prevent overbookings. The whole project uses Microsoft technologies (Blazor and .NET) and is cloud-based and scalable, allowing for faster processing of large numbers of orders.


The future we’re looking forward to

By working on these two areas at the same time, we allow our client to have evolution, rather than a revolution, in their business. The cooperation will continue and the team of highly skilled professionals, which we have built for our client, is expected to expand further. Having developed a framework of collaboration under pandemic restrictions, we are now fully able to continue with further stages of the project from multiple locations. Next time you are buying a ticket to a zoo in Germany, maybe you’ll have us to thank for it going smoothly.



Sebastian Dąbkowski

Lead Architect for Beckerbillett ​

Sebastian is the Lead Architect who worked closely with the Beckerbillett team on their custom solution. With his wealth of technical expertise and visionary thinking, he  guides the success of the project.

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