A Proof of Concept in Advanced Pet Care Solutions



Project background

Meet Vetify – the app and wearable IoT device that helps you care for your furry friends. Caring for your pet is the responsible thing to do, and Vetify makes it a little easier and a lot more efficient. The mobile application blends IoT technology with mobile accessibility.

The Vetify project serves as a proof of concept for an innovative approach to pet care. It brings together IoT technology to simplify and enhance pet health and safety. The solution integrates a smart collar with a mobile application to provide a care system for pets. The goal is to solve the problem of missing health records. And, at the same time giving you both GPS and health monitoring tools for mobile devices. This means that all your pet data is at hand to both you and your vet when needed most.







Project challenges

The project had three main challenges to help give your pets tail-wagging treatment.

1. Storing medical data

One significant challenge was how to secure and store your pet’s data. What’s more, how to access your pet’s medical data in emergencies. This feature is crucial for vets who need quick access to medical records. The Vetify system addresses this by enabling cloud-based storage of all health information. This can be accessed anytime via any mobile device. This means that both you and the vet have immediate access to vital records. This also includes vaccination history and previous medical care. 

2. GPS tracking and recovery

Another major challenge was adding GPS technology to the smart collar. The solution was to integrate IoT technology to provide real-time location tracking. This allows you to know where your pet is through a mobile app. Pets have the habit of wandering off at times, and this helps you to locate your pet quickly if it gets lost chasing squirrels.

3. Monitoring vital health metrics

Monitoring the main vitals such as heart rate and temperature through the smart collar was also a complex challenge. The Vetify system includes a smart collar with sensors that monitor your pet’s key health data continuously. This data is sent in real-time to the mobile app, providing instant insights into your pet’s well-being. This helps pet owners manage health issues proactively and prevent emergencies.


The results & key features

  • Smart Collar Integration: developed a smart collar to collect and send health metrics to the Vetify app.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: added a GPS module to the collar for real-time location tracking, crucial for finding lost pets.
  • Health Monitoring Systems: enabled monitoring of vital signs like heart rate and temperature. As well as sending alerts in case of emergencies.
  • Centralized Medical Records: created a secure, cloud-based database for storing all medical information. This made all records easy to access for both pet owners and vets.
  • User Interface Design: designed an easy-to-use interface for pet owners to access and manage their pet’s health data.



This proof of concept has demonstrated that using advanced technology can improve pet care. The mobile application connects with smart collars for ongoing health monitoring. And uses GPS for real-time tracking. This allows quick access to health data and location information. With all medical records easy to access, the application helps you manage pet care.

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