Front-end development for an insurance blockchain technology platform

Customer:  European startup providing groundbreaking blockchain technology platform for insurance companies. Their peer-to-peer ecosystem facilitates improved customer service, fuels new efficient business models, drives faster transactions and reduces risk through data access and collaboration

The need: The customer needed a software development partner to support their inhouse development team with front end solutions for their Enterprise Solutions

The solution: Our engineering team was first involved in the design and implementation of a modern, user friendly front-end for the Membership Management module of their insurance platform utilising blockchain technology.

The solution empowers insurers, reinsurers & brokers to take smarter and faster business and sales decision by gaining access to relevant data from various sources, taking advantage of the benefits brought by blockchain technology.

Our team was responsible for frontend development of a complex multi-profile module for seamless users’ registrations, management and easy access to the platform. It also includes interactive and customizable dashboard widgets and an easy to use administration panel for superUsers.

Our front-end React.JS team is growing and our strategic development partnership is expanding towards other areas of business – we are currently involved in various other web application development projects, as their technology partner of choice.


  • React.js
  • RxJS
  • SASS
  • Component libs: Material-UI & ReactMD