Android application that allows humanitarian organizations to register countryside households and their conditions all around Africa.

Customer: Our customer is an organization from the USA that develops and implements mobile solutions for Africa.

The need: The customer needed a mobile application that will allow them to collect information about countryside households in Africa for statistical purposes. It helps humanitarian organizations to take care of the most vulnerable people.

The solution: Our team prepared an Android application that is able to work in offline mode to collect information about people and synchronize this information with an online backend service when it is available.

Due to limited internet access in parts of Africa, the application is prepared to download from the backend system and store large amounts of data while online and later enable working in offline mode.

After login user is able to find a specific household using the search feature and GPS location. Members of the household are identified by cards with barcodes which are scanned in the application. In the next step, the user is able to fill in household information using three different processes (individual, simplified and default). The application allows to fill in and store more than 50 pieces of unique information about the household, take and attach photos and save location coordinates based on GPS signal.

The application stores many pieces of information about relations in households families. To validate that information and ensure its consistency the application has offline and online data validation processes and mechanisms, separate for different registration processes.


  • Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack and others (KTX, LiveData, Navigation, ViewModel, Room, Paging, ViewPager)
  • Dagger2
  • Retrofit
  • Moshi
  • RxJava2
  • ReactiveNetwork
  • Testing : JUnit, Google Truth, MockK, Robolectric, Espresso, UIAutomator
  • Stetho
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