Everyone has something that they hold on to for way longer than needed. Maybe it’s that stationary bicycle you really thought you’d ride every evening. Or it could be old jersey that you claim is lucky. Either way, sometimes you just can’t see, or ignore, all the signs that something needs to go or change. When running the business, the last thing you want to ignore is your website. Knowing when it’s time to rebuild it allows to avoid unnecessary costs and loss of leads.

Time to rebuild the website?

It’s plain and simple:

  • does the website work smoothly?
  • does the layout work with current browsers?
  • does the website give the right impression of the brand?
  • is the website optimized in terms of costs?
  • do all functionalities work properly?

We went through these issues with our client USA Auto Online, and surely it was a perfect time for some major changes. When the business has grown substantially in a relatively small time period, it’s a natural part of the business growth. USA Auto Online strives to run its services providing exceptional experience both in terms of accessibility and performance to its demanding customers. Rebuilding the website and making sure it’s up to date was the only solution to achieve this goal.

„The next level of results requires the next level of thinking”

USA Auto Online

Our client USA Auto Online is an online advertisement website with cars from the USA. The company offers access to the auctions of salvaged cars available in the United States and it provides nearly 140,000 US car sales offers per day. These are auctions issued by around 170 auction houses in various locations in the United States. On top of that our customer provides professional advice and assistance in buying and importing cars from the USA from purchase, through transport, customs clearance, to delivery of the vehicle to the address indicated.


How we improve website performance?

We have rebuilt the existing auction portal using the newest technology and IT standards. The new site was implemented on Umbraco CMS – a fully-featured open source content management system. Umbraco CMS gives you the freedom to build websites, apps or other solutions exactly the way you want. That allowed the client to modify content and update actions without external support. For better user experience we also optimized the search engine module to get the best possible performance.

The frontend part was built as Single Page Application (SPA), meaning that after clicking links, the page will change instantly without reloading. Despite being dynamic, its rendering is Isomorphic, serving the initial page in HTML for improved SEO and first load speed. The application was built according to Responsive Web Design (RWD) so it automatically adapts for both mobile and desktop devices. All of this increased user experience of browsing web content.

As part of the portal we implemented blog module where customer’s content editors promote different car models. Also, detailed costs calculator was built where end-user can calculate the exact cost of bringing a vehicle from the USA directly to his home. As a result, our team delivered a modern website layout with restructured website content and a settled intuitive navigation structure.


New Site. Improved Performance

As a result average time of displaying the page with auctions was 10 times faster and for complex queries with filters even 100 times faster. Fetching auctions updates file was optimized from 2h into 7 minutes which enabled keeping site up to date. Everything was achieved on machine with 10 times less RAM and 8 times less CPU. Thanks to those performance changes, we were able to process and expose to end users 3+ times more auctions than on the old page (increase from 40.000 to 140.000 auctions)

There has been cost optimization due to the use of hosting in the cloud (where for this project Azure Cloud was selected). Our client does not bear the costs of updating and the server does not need additional supervision which decreased the maintenance and support costs. Improved performance allowed our client to launch marketing campaigns to generate additional traffic, his customers are spending much more time on new website looking for cars. This allowed the owner to think about new ideas that can improve his customers’ journey even further and increase the conversion rate by 30%.

  • Frontend: React
  • Backend: Umbraco CMS

Sound nice? Start your car finding journey at USA Auto Online

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