Is custom-made software for you? How to decide? Are there real benefits of tailored software in business? And where to find specialists, who will create bespoke applications for your company? All the answers are in this article.

What is a custom software solution?

A custom software solution is software created especially for your company. It’s the opposite of off-the-shelf software you can find on the market, that is sold to everyone. There’s also a practice known as customization. It’s a solution between off-the-shelf software and tailor-made software. Customization means you take available off-the-shelf software and adjust it (customize) to your business needs.

A custom-made solution answers the exact requirements of your business. It should do all the things you want it to do, and none of those you don’t need. In comparison, off-the-shelf solutions usually can’t do everything you need and can do things you won’t ever need. Custom software development may be more expensive in a short term, but it’s more likely to use unique technology and meet your company’s expectations.

Is custom software solution for my industry?

Yes. Custom software solutions can be applied in every industry. Later in this article, you’ll find the benefits of custom software development. Most of them are tempting for any kind of business. Even if you haven’t used any software at all in your company, bespoke applications will enhance the sustainable growth of your business.

When do I need custom software?

At least 4 factors are suggesting you should get yourself a tailor-made software for your company. Apart from the need to make your business more profitable and scalable, they are:

1. People in your company need to use multiple applications to complete one task or process. In most cases, implementation of custom software results in simplification of processes so you can withdraw multiple applications and use only one instead;

2. There are time-consuming and repetitive tasks performed manually. Custom software will also help with this type of tasks letting your employees focus on more creative and profitable activities;

3. You don’t do monitoring and data analysis or do them manually. Contemporary businesses should thrive on data-based decision-making. The best way to do so is to use custom-made software that gathers all relevant data and enhances data analysis and presentation;

4. You want to experience the benefits of custom software solutions. There are plenty of benefits from the use of tailor-made software in your company. Do you want to check, which sounds like a good idea for your business?

What are the 12 biggest benefits of custom software solutions?

The advantages of custom software solutions will differ depending on the characteristics of a particular company, its environment, level of digitalization, etc. For business people like you to make a good decision, we’ve selected and listed below the most important benefits of bespoke software:

1. custom software supports digital transformation, the kind of change many businesses stumble upon nowadays;

2. enhanced process optimization thanks to processes mapping and software tailored to the needs of a particular business;

3. helps to introduce new services or features which results in higher value delivered to your customer. The more value, the happier your clients and more profits;

4. lower maintenance costs as a result of replacing multiple applications with one and processes simplification;

5. increased productivity due to repetitive tasks automation, less time wasted on switching between multiple applications, and more time devoted to value creation;

6. increased business scalability due to fewer applications that need to grow with the number of your customers;

7. simpler processes that are easier to understand, control, and optimize;

8. fewer errors thanks to less human factor in repetitive tasks;

9. you pay for what you use. Software that’s tailored to your needs and perfectly suits your requirements is more cost-efficient because you have the features you really need;

10. better monitoring and control over business processes;

11. lower integration costs. Custom made software can integrate with anything you need. Moreover, with fewer applications, you need fewer integrations;

12. the biggest profit from cloud migration. Tailor-made software can be adjusted in detail to the clod solution of your choice therefore give you even more profit from migration.

Does anything from the list look like a benefit for your business? Yes? Then let’s move to the challenge of finding a trustworthy custom software provider.

How to find a custom software company?

It’s always a very difficult question to answer. You can spend plenty of time going through a massive amount of websites and listings published all over the web. But what if you’ve already found it?

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Are you considering tailored software, but still not sure if this solution is right for you?

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