Software developers have the power to create things almost from nothing. For non-technical people, it seems to be like magic.

Why developers choose to work with Inspeerity: table of contents

Make it happen – why to work with Inspeerity

At Inspeerity we aim to make things happen by working smarter, not harder. People here solve problems and acquire broad technical knowledge. It isn’t only in their approach to work. Inspeerity provides its specialists with career development opportunities, including internal courses, training budget, foreign languages lessons, and 1-on-1 sessions.

Business that cares

From the very beginning, we wanted to do business on our own terms. Part of it is taking care of our employees. Although money isn’t everything, we believe that top-notch specialists should earn top-notch salaries. But there’s more. Our people get private health insurance, flexible working hours, endless coffee-streams, ripe fruits, convenient office, and more. Normally we invite everyone to work in our office in the city centre. But in the COVID time, at least for now, you can work remotely, if that’s better for you.

For the glory

Why did you want to become a developer? We strive to create solutions that bring value. For that reason, we engage in ambitious, challenging projects that put our skills to the proof. Check our Case Studies in case you don’t believe. We know that doing crazy stuff and telling no one about it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we come up with the Inspeerity blog. It is a place where our specialists can share their knowledge with the world. So, as you can see, we not only run fabulous projects but also brag about them and spread the word.


AMA – Ask Me Anything is a popular format among celebrities and influencers. But because we’re doing this business our way, we’ve incorporated AMA as part of our company culture. If you wonder why, the answer is simple. We praise transparency. During our AMA sessions, you can anonymously (or directly) ask our CEO about anything because no matter your position, you have the right to know what’s going on with the company. As colleagues, we straightforwardly communicate with each other. Speak openly to the person you work with and solve the issue. No beating around the bush. Fair and honest business, communication, people.

Size matters

We aren’t as big as Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft. And we like it that way. We see each other regularly and meet after hours as well. We constitute a team of people who get the job done and who like to spend time together in a pub, by a campfire, or whatever we find convenient. You know, Tim Cook might be a great guy, but his employees don’t meet him very often 😊

You’ll spot other benefits as well. It’s not a corporation, so we don’t care what you wear. We care what kind of a person you are. You love suits? Alright. You meant a tracksuit? No problem. We don’t impose procedures, as long as common sense does the job.


There’s not much we can do without tools. High-end laptop, as many monitors as you need, headphones, whatever you need to get the work done. You can count on this. But top-notch hardware is not enough. You’ll need much more, so let’s delve into the software.

For daily work on projects, we use:

  • Windows/Linux – depending on your personal preference
  • Mattermost/Slack
  • JIRA
  • Wiki/Confluence
  • AWS/Azure
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • SonarQube
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

All these tools and more. According to your role in the project and individual needs. So you can do your job working smarter, not harder.

What’s next?

Check our open positions and submit your application and get ready for:

Technical interview or pair programming

Let’s chat about your experience, technical and soft skills. Maybe we’ll run a pair programming session to see how you deal with real-life cases.

Coding task

Solve a small implementation assignment and show us how you code. Let us know how you think and get the job done.

Leader interview

Meet one of our Team Leaders to get to know each other better before we start working together.


Prepare for constructive feedback! We leave no one behind. No matter the outcome, we’ll let you know about our decision. If we think it’s too early to start working together, you’ll find out what to improve. And of course, if we decide that it’s high time to have you on our team, you’ll know too.

So, what are you waiting for?

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