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Our Services


We help you develop next generation, customer-centric, reliable, working products and solutions.


We assist our clients throughout the product development lifecycle, from ideation to product validation, prototyping, MVPs, Beta-Testing through to product development, quality assurance and support. We accelerate development of new products by blending operational excellence, proven methodologies, our deep expertise in web, mobile, cloud and analytics and our business domain knowledge.

Is custom-made software for you?

Benefits of developing your product with us

Product development, prototyping

Product development based on design thinking and fast prototyping

Successful product development requires discipline and focus – from idea validation and optimization to upfront design, ongoing iterations, and meeting tight deadlines

product development

Integrated approach to product development

Our engineers work together with product strategist and UX designers to create unique and smarter solutions and products


MVPs that help you prioritize investments

We will design the minimum set of features and functionalities that will enable you to validate your product idea and improve it based on customer feedback

transparency and collaboration

Transparency and collaboration

We work together from the initial phase of the project to choose the best technologies for your current and future business needs. We discuss in detail about the product roadmap. We assess various technologies and give you a detailed overview of the platforms, architecture, technologies, data, integration points or other non-functional aspects of your project

Software quality control

Focus on quality control – careful testing and defect detention

Since software products nowadays are designed to work in uncontrolled, complex and always changing environments, thorough testing is significantly important in product engineering and during the product lifecycle

product development

Overcoming traditional product development challenges

There are various reasons why products look immature or are not developed on-time and on-budget – from exaggerated R&D costs, processes rigidity, time vs quality issues, miscommunication, collaboration tools misuse, focus on problems rather than solutions and high level vision, employee retention, etc. Let us take part of the burden so you could focus on your long term vision and prepare for success

Cloud Services

We help you transform your business, increase agility and cost-efficiency supported by our extensive understanding and experience on cloud application development, migration and configuration.

Our expertise includes:


  • Cloud strategy – we help you understand the best way to use cloud services in your organization: which apps are right for the cloud, what are the pre-requisites for cloud application migration
  • Cloud first application development – E2E services – we build progressive, scalable, value driven cloud applications to match your business needs
  • Cloud migration – We design (or re-design) your software to fully leverage cloud deployment and to gain access to scalable infrastructure, as business needs require it
  • Integration through cloud-based enterprise middleware solution – to connect all enterprise applications and data sources
  • Cloud configuration – to match legacy infrastructure needs and improve usability of any application

Web and Frontend development

We build intelligent web apps through serious engineering, leveraging latest web technologies, frameworks and open source whilst following best practices. Web apps we develop are responsive, robust, scalable and secure. We have a holistic approach, always trying to understand your business model and needs, aiming to ensure best business outcomes through original design, outstanding UX, solid back-end admin panels and deep insights and analytics.

Robust web apps focused on business goals

Rich internet applications
Dynamic and interactive web apps, UX design oriented, multimedia apps, interactive knowledge management solutions

Complex enterprise solutions
Data driven, digital focused and user-centric custom e-commerce portals.

Interactive microsites & content sharing solutions
Responsive, cross platform websites, seamlessly integrated with various marketing technologies, tools and internal systems

Mobile app development

We design fast, UI/UX focused and secure enterprise and customer-facing mobile apps that empower you to:


  • Build new mobile products
  • Engage with your audience
  • Increase employees’ loyalty
  • Increase efficiency of your salesforce
  • Get access to relevant information anytime, anywhere – seamless integration with web services and internal corporate systems


We create mobile experiences with a focus on user experience, integration, connectivity, cross-platform coverage, scalability and security


Our experts are ready to help you in:


  • Developing native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Managing the complexity of cross-platform mobile apps development
  • Leveraging powerful tools and platforms such as Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin or React Native


  • Enterprise mobility – mobilize enterprise data, workflows and features
  • Mobile PoCs – crafting powerful mobile products
  • Mobile SDKs – equipping app developers with tools required to easily build high-performing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets to be published in marketplaces
  • Mobile low-level apps
  • Apps for smart devices
Mobile App case study