TRAINPLANET   Trainplanet – a portal that enables booking trains across the whole Europe. Customer: One of the biggest train ticket providers in Sweden, both domestically and abroad. The need: Since 2002, when the company was founded, they have been gaining experience in train travel. They built several systems

Fast Delivery

FAST DELIVERY   Next day delivery system for sensitive parcels Customer: UK-based Logistics Company specialized in same and next-day delivery The need: Customer wanted to find a reliable partner that would help them in building a new system for next-day delivery of sensitive parcels. The solution: Inspeerity provided a flexible

USA Auto Online

USA AUTO ONLINE   Auction portal redesign to achieve 100 times faster page display while serving 4 times more auctions Customer: Our customer USA Auto Online is an online advertisement portal with cars from the USA The need: Customer’s business has grown substantially in a relatively small period of time. As

Mobile Africa

MOBILE AFRICA   Android application that allows humanitarian organizations to register countryside households and their conditions all around Africa. Customer: Our customer is an organization from the USA that develops and implements mobile solutions for Africa. The need: The customer needed a mobile application that will allow them to

Together App

TOGETHER APP   Smartphone app to trace contacts and help to fight the coronavirus pandemic Overview: The coronavirus outbreak has spread global panic, with people searching for sure-fire ways to protect themselves. While being in the lockdown, we decided to immediately respond to this need and provide a

Sitecore CMS

SITECORE CMS   Technology partnership with digital creative agency from UK Customer: Experience, design and engineering company from UK The need: The customer needed a software development partner to support their inhouse teams with the development, deployment and maintenance of modern Content Management Systems based on Sitecore Experience Platform. The

Migration to Sitecore 9

MIGRATION TO SITECORE 9   Content Management System for an independent publishing house Customer: Leading provider of treasury information, well-established and well-respected independent publishing house. The need: The customer needed a partner to perform migration from his old CMS to the new, modern, and user-friendly solution. Provided solution should

Personalized CMS

PERSONALIZED CMS   Content Management System for homebuilding company Customer: Homebuilding company from United Kingdom with nearly 50 years of experience and very personal approach to every last detail. The need: The customer needed a partner to build web portal which will be easily adaptable and maintainable. Customer wanted

3G to 4G

3G TO 4G   Migration of legacy 3G business services to 4G Customer: Major European NatCo The need: Telecom operators nowadays are transforming their core networks from legacy 3G to modern 4G, enabling VoLTE and VoWiFi calling. Legacy CS services have to be integrated into new 4G network via

Workflow Automation

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION   Platform for automation of business processes Customer: Leading European Mobile Operator The need: There are a lot of network elements and telemetric devices which has to be re-configured on request or with network changes. It isn’t complex process but it takes time especially having many devices