TRAINPLANET   Trainplanet – a portal that enables booking trains across the whole Europe. Customer: One of the biggest train ticket providers in Sweden, both domestically and abroad. The need: Since 2002, when the company was founded, they have been gaining experience in train travel. They built several systems

Fast Delivery

FAST DELIVERY   Next day delivery system for sensitive parcels Customer: UK-based Logistics Company specialized in same and next-day delivery The need: Customer wanted to find a reliable partner that would help them in building a new system for next-day delivery of sensitive parcels. The solution: Inspeerity provided a flexible

USA Auto Online

USA AUTO ONLINE   Auction portal redesign to achieve 100 times faster page display while serving 4 times more auctions Customer: Our customer USA Auto Online is an online advertisement portal with cars from the USA The need: Customer’s business has grown substantially in a relatively small period of time. As

Face Rater

FACE RATER   Face rating application Customer:  Medical University The need: Research to verify perception of attractiveness of man faces depending of their testosterone level and during different days of woman’s menstrual cycle. The solution: Our Team created application enabling young woman to apprise men’s faces during different days of

Medical Booking PoC

WEALTH MANAGEMENT   Custom built Wealth Management Platform that provides risk scoring based on social media behavior analyzed using machine learning algorithms Customer:  The customer is a Wealth Management company that helps underserved communities invest in high interest pensions, ISAs and personal portfolio. The customer also works with

Wealth Management

WEALTH MANAGEMENT   MVP of Wealth Management Platform to improve the financial wellbeing for lower-income and underserved communities, and communities of colour. Customer: The customer is UK start-up company with multi-awarded idea about wealth management platform enabling investing in high-interest pensions, ISA’s and personal portfolios. The customer also

React Chain

REACT CHAIN   Front-end development for an insurance blockchain technology platform Customer:  European startup providing a groundbreaking blockchain technology platform for insurance companies. Their peer-to-peer ecosystem facilitates improved customer service, fuels new efficient business models, drives faster transactions, and reduces risk through data access and collaboration The need: The

CMS Redesign

CMS REDESIGN   e-Commerce CMS system redesign and modernization Customer:  The customer is a home improvement website providing great innovation in home renovation services by using technology to create an engaging platform for homeowners and service professionals The need: The customer needed to modernize and improve the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.js)

Pretty Body

PRETTY BODY   Cloud architecture for human body 3D model predictive avatars using machine learning algorithms Customer:  Our customer is a healthcare startup focused on innovation that plans to scans the human body (20000 bodies in the first phase) and identifies various body types, to then use it

MUI – Messaging User Interface

MUI – MESSAGING USER INTERFACE   Customer:  Leading European Mobile Operator The need:  to build an API, User Interface and command line application for managing and monitoring SMSs, Voice Mails and Large Accounts systems of the Telecom operator. The solution: Our team developed a Messaging User Interface application (under a