Medical Booking PoC like portal for medical services planning and organization

Customer:  Our customer is a healthcare startup focused on innovation

The need: Medical services are very expensive in well developed countries (US or Western Europe). In Central Europe the same service can be done with much cheaper cost, even including travel expenses and post treatment medical care. Our Customer want to create system which will not only enable ordering medical services but also will take care for the whole E2E organization (transportation, accommodation, post treatment care).

The solution: Our team prepared PoC of like system where patients can order medical service together with accomodation.

System included both backend and frontend parts for 4 profiles: Global Administrator, Auditor, Patient and Service Provider.



  • React, JavaScript
  • Redux, Material-UI
  • Yarn, Bootstrap



  • Java, Kotlin, PostgreSQL
  • Spring (Boot, Security)
  • JOOQ
  • Liquibase, Docker
  • Thymeleaf, Velocity
  • Logstash


For real time monitoring we selected

  • Elastic Stack