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Exploring opportunities abroad. My time at IT EXPO in the USA

– by Karol Wiszowaty, COO, Delivery Director

June 2022

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

7000 + Attendees

10 p.m. Hot air. More than 30 degrees. We have landed. We are ready to explore new lands in the world of modern technology. Immediately after exiting the plane, I felt that the atmosphere here was different from what I am used to in Poland – not only in terms of temperature. It promises to be interesting. And I was not wrong.

Who will give more? Bidding time begins

If I had to describe the place I ended up in three words, I would say more, bigger, and heartier without hesitation. Taking my first steps in the new land, I was struck by the impression that Americans like big things: cars, buildings, hotels, and conference centers. In the sky the sun in all its glory, and all-around open and helpful people. Everyone is willing to help, show the way, and answer all questions.

I already know that this trip will be fruitful. After all, we came here to make new contacts in the IT world. Our destination is the IT Expo conference, which is one of the largest in the United States. We are ready to explore new markets.

What do I expect? Many exhibitors and new opportunities for future growth.

What do I get? Even more new potential customers we could reach. More than 300 high-tech companies.


Go time: conquering Florida

The event takes place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The beautiful surroundings and less formal atmosphere are conducive to making new contacts. Especially when we all have one goal. We are focused on networking, and attracting partners and clients. After brief conversations with others, I know that this is a very good place for us. We can meet face to face with people who need us and we need them. We talk about cooperation and the challenges of organizing it and communicating due to time zone differences.

I know that this is the right time and a great opportunity to reassure these people of the right decision to go beyond the safe zone and explore unknown European markets. We strive to make sure that when they think about entering this market, they have one word in their minds: Inspeerity. The most important thing, however, lies ahead.

it expo 2022

America Express: effectively learning from the mistakes of others

I talk to companies that are already working with Polish and European businesses. I gain valuable information about what works, is efficient, delivers real value and what is worth implementing in our company as well. I already know what we should not do and what doesn’t work. This knowledge will allow me to avoid the mistakes of others. I get to know new development projects and people who can be our support in working for US clients. After getting acquainted with the other conference participants, the long-awaited moment for me came. It was time for workshops and lectures.

IT expo
it expo 2022

Workshops and speakers: a new look at modern technology?

I noticed that most of the workshops and speeches focused on post-pandemic reality and new approaches to remote and hybrid work. No doubt Americans know that the market has changed irreversibly in these areas.  Many companies I talked to do not care anymore if their people work from the office, their home, other state, country or continent. It can even be a sunny beach. 

The most important thing for them is that they are doing their work. During pandemic time they learnt that remote work can be even more efficient that working from the office. However it is totally different, requires a totally different approach, communication style and habits. But it gives them access to a greater pool of talents, in many cases not only cheaper but also better people. I was so proud when I heard from one of the CTOs that the best engineers he worked with were from Poland.

My takeaway is that we all need to learn how to manage our teams so they can work just as effectively in the new conditions. Together, we discuss tools that can help meet these challenges and keep the company safe.

Americans rightly point out that the pandemic has accelerated digitization in many areas of life. This is especially noticeable in government institutions, which have presented the greatest resistance to modern technologies. And it gives a lot of new opportunities!

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Has artificial intelligence defeated the Americans?

The United States is associated with modernity, the American dream, which many of us would like to reach. The workshops and lectures showed me that this is not so obvious. Americans admit that they have fallen far behind Europe in the area of IoT and Smart Cities. However, their goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that will find application in Europe as well.

Did Americans lose their time and opportunity? Maybe, but let’s remember that technology development is not a sprint, but a marathon. Seeing how they approach these topics, and how great their interest in artificial intelligence is, I think they may soon not only catch up with us but become even better.


Will reality prove to be in their favor? Only time will tell. But I know one thing. Inspeerity is ready to explore more foreign markets. We can listen. We are creating synergy between what we do and what Americans need.

So I can say that it has definitely been a good time for me, and especially for Inspeerity. And we are not slowing down.


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