A platform for automation of business processes. Case study of a workflow automation system.

Customer: Leading European Mobile Operator

The need: There are a lot of network elements and telemetric devices which has to be re-configured on request or with network changes. It isn’t a complex process but it takes time especially having many devices (which is also error prone).

The solution: We proposed to create a system that will be able to hold all devices’ information in one place together with the current state of production configuration. The system enabled to create custom configuration workflows and automate this process. The workflow-like approach gave a possibility to trace configuration requests and view the history of the changes. To achieve this goal our developers used Software Delivery Process that helps us deliver top quality results repeatedly.

Read an article where we share our know-how: Software Delivery Process for Professionals that Works.


  • Camunda CRM
  • Redmine
  • SuiteCRM / SugarCRM
  • REST, Web Services
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