Content Management System for homebuilding company

Customer: Homebuilding company from United Kingdom with nearly 50 years of experience and very personal approach to every last detail.

The need: The customer needed a partner to build web portal which will be easily adaptable and maintainable. Customer wanted to get the solution that will be as much personalized as they are to their customers. They needed a complex yet cost effective and modern solution ready for the future.

The solution: Our team is responsible for building feature rich solution, transforming customer requirements into a robust and interactive web portal which looks good on any device (RWD design). We are responsible for end to end implementation and integration of the CMS with 3rd party systems. Our developers delivers both backend and frontend side, are responsible for whole development, testing and automated releases processes including production deployment and later maintenance and support. Our Team is also responsible for site hosting in the cloud where Azure solution was chosen.


  • Sitecore 8.2
  • Unicorn
  • Glass Mapper
  • SCSS
  • ES6
  • Gulp
  • Azure Cloud
  • RESTful API
  • Octopus
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