Customer:  Leading European Mobile Operator

The need:  to build an API, User Interface and command line application for managing and monitoring SMSs, Voice Mails and Large Accounts systems of the Telecom operator.

The solution: Our team developed a Messaging User Interface application (under a very tight deadline) based on our extensive experience with enterprise-grade & telco projects, the good understanding of the architecture of external systems used, and the very good knowledge on how to build modern SPA (Single Page Applications) – it sits on top of other MUI applications that run in a highly distributed and replicated environment and interact with multiple components and APIs (e.g. SMSC, Voice Mail, CNTDB). Our customer requested to develop and integrate our app with zero downtime for failure or application updates and we successfully achieved this objective.

Technologies used:

  • Server: Wildfly 9
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins & Chef
  • DB: MongoDB & OneNDS CNTDB (Central Network Technology Database) LDAP
  • Backend: J2EE 8, Spring Framework, Junit, Maven
  • Frontend: Javascript, VueJS, Gulp, LESS, CSS3
  • Automated tests: Selenium, PhantomJS, Cucumber, Chai
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