Custom built Wealth Management Platform that provides risk scoring based on social media behavior analyzed using machine learning algorithms

Customer:  The customer is a Wealth Management company that helps underserved communities invest in high interest pensions, ISAs and personal portfolio. The customer also works with banks to serve smaller customers. They use machine learning and their deep background in understanding the behavior of investment assets to reduce the cost of investing.

The need: The customer needed a partner to build a future proof, bespoke digital platform for their Wealth Management portal, integrated with social media to provide a risk engine supported by machined learning algorithms. They needed a complex yet cost effective and modern solution.

The solution: Our team is responsible for building from scratch feature rich solution, transforming customer requirements into a robust and interactive product. We are responsible for architecture design end end to end implementation and integration of the Wealth Management portal. We integrate 3rd party solutions for stock exchange, live data feeds, banking APIs and social media channels. Solution provides unique risk-engine using Machine Learning for profile classifications and portfolio selection. We developed the complete backend side (including Machine Learning system) and the frontend for PCs, tablets and mobiles (RWD).



  • Angular 6
  • JSON RESTful
  • Material UI



  • Java, Kotlin
  • Spring (Cloud, Boot, Security)
  • PostgreSQL/H2
  • JSON RESTful
  • Liquibase
  • Docker
  • Thymeleaf/Velocity
  • Python


For real time monitoring we selected

  • Elastic Stack
  • Zabbix
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