Eco-Friendly Car Service


IoT Solution For Fleet Management

Customer:  leading financial institution in Eastern Europe

The need: eco-friendly car service for its digitalized customers – the service would allow users to easily find the closest car, reserve, drive and then pay per usage – all done through a user-friendly mobile app

The solution: We developed a user-friendly solution for a seamless customer experience, successfully developing and integrating systems for car control (to manage the locking system), iOS and Android mobile application, an intuitive admin interface for car fleet management, users and drives management, billing plans and reporting, the backend with the logic interfacing between all the endpoints towards humans or vehicles and data analytics

Technologies: NodeJS, Parse framework embedding MongoDB and Redis queue, React for the app and Web, web services integration, cloud deployed and it is “dockerized” for smooth deployment of new versions

The benefits expand towards all stakeholders: a crowded city now has more electrical cars used on the basis of shared economy principles, the citizens now have access to a smooth, comfortable, always ready, “clean” transportation alternative, enterprises can use such service for their agents thus optimizing costs, and the end customer now has an beneficial ongoing marketing program to leverage.

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