e-Commerce CMS system redesign and modernization

Customer:  The customer is a home improvement website providing great innovation in home renovation services by using technology to create an engaging platform for homeowners and service professionals

The need: The customer needed to modernize and improve the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node.js) Stack based CMS system of their e-Commerce platform.

The solution: Our team started the project with a thorough audit of the project status quo – since they started enhancing the CMS over 1,5 year ago. After the audit phase, we made recommendations regarding the required architecture changes that would improve the performance of the solution, allowing faster time-to-market for new features whilst minimizing further development and maintenance costs.

The audit phase materialized in a 60+ pages comprehensive audit report, consisting of a deep analysis of the existing system, new design recommendations, and future software development roadmap. Since our team had to work on a solution that was already in production, we had to find a way not to implement new features twice: both in the old and the new system. Our proposition was to rebuild the system incrementally: all new features will be build on a new design while old ones will be reimplemented in several drops. This allowed business as usual activities to continue, without freezing current releases of new features development.



  • AngularJS -> Angular 6
  • NgRx
  • SCSS



  • Node.js, Express Server -> Java
  • MongoDB
  • Spring (Boot, Data, Security)
  • Thymeleaf
  • Logstash, Prometheus


For real time monitoring we selected

  • Elastic Stack
  • Nagios
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