3G TO 4G Migration – Case Study


Migration of legacy 3G business services to 4G

Customer: Major European NatCo

The need: Telecom operators nowadays are transforming their core networks from legacy 3G to modern 4G, enabling VoLTE and VoWiFi calling. Legacy CS services have to be integrated into the new 4G network via IMSSF or written anew. Business dedicated services are crucial for each operator, therefore special attention and focus are needed when doing service planning and rollout.
Various environments (like a test, reference, staging and others) are usually interconnected, with some network elements being shared by some or even all the environments – this implies a risk of affecting neighboring environments.

The solution: Our Team consists of telecom experts that aid the process of business services transformation. Our team not only provides the consultancy but also takes a proactive role in the planning, integration, testing, and rollout of the new solutions at customer premises.

End-users benefit from the rich voice and video experience, telecom operators are calm and confident of their solutions. To achieve this goal our developers used Software Delivery Process that helps us deliver top quality results repeatedly. Read an article where we share our know-how: Software Delivery Process for Professionals that Works.



  • IMS Core – Huawei
  • TAS – Nokia
  • MRF – Mavenir
  • Service Delivery Platform – JAIN SLEE Rhino from Metaswitch
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